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So I had to watch the game after work yesterday and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t as entertaining as I thought it would be. I can watch the Oilers play and be content with a good effort if they lose. But last night, something was definitely out of place. The door was ajar if you will.

How the Oilers can get that many powerplay chances and not come away with one goal is beyond me. How they Oilers coaching staff can continue to use the same tactics on said powerplays is also leaving me baffled.

  • Where’s Puljujarvi and this shot of his we are continually being teased with?
  • Why isn’t anybody in the media doing their job and asking McLellan during the scrums about Jesse’s missing shot? They’re happy to bitch and moan about in online but I haven’t heard one MSM member question Todd McLellan about this.
    • Then today we see Eberle taken off the 1st PP unit and then replaced by…. Mark Letestu! Because he wasn’t commenting about playing too many minutes last year at the beginning of this season when he was scoring to start the year. Makes perfect sense!
  • Why does Andrej Sekera get any time on the PP?
    • His hatred for shinpads is getting old.
  • The other teams have the Oilers figured out and since the PP runs through 97, they just cover the cross-ice lanes and clog everything up like by bathroom sink. Thus, leaving McDavid to do it himself of move the puck to the point which still doesn’t help because the shooting lane is full of players.

Another thing I didn’t notice right away while watching the game but after, when I was reading G Money’s post-gamer over at his site, is the shooting charts 5×5. Check them out.

oilers/leafs shot chart 11/30 oilers/leafs shot chart 11/30 oilers/leafs shot chart 11/30 oilers/leafs shot chart 11/30

What the f*ck are the Oilers doing out there if they aren’t shooting the puck? We know that McLellan likes shot volume… So turn it up to 11 for Christ’s sake!! Why are they doing their best to get the opposition’s goalie a shutout every time a losing streak comes along?

Hopefully, they can get something together versus Patrik Laine and the Jets tomorrow night.

The new lines that were being run at practice are as follows:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! How Pouliot stays in the lineup is mind-boggling, isn’t it? Not even the fancies have his back this time around. So to that, I say he’s must have some interested parties and the Oilers are showcasing him.

Taking out Kassian and Hendricks will bring the intimidation level down a bit but if they’re not performing to McLellan’s standards, then perhaps it’s time for a little break. In Hendricks case, he’s looking his age these days. I love the guy but let’s get that conditioning back up to par and then give it another go. As for Kassian, he’s looked a tad off for the last few games.

The team lacked bite against Toronto and adding in Pitlick and Slepyshev could bring back a bit of that edge and it most definitely will bring more speed.

Why hasn’t Anton Slepyshev been able to hold down a spot on this team? He’s been hitting, shooting, and creating chances for the majority of the games he’s played in. More so that say, Zach Kassian or most recently, Pat Maroon. This is a player that was once described as one of the best in the KHL before coming over. He’s a Russian that has accepted there’s a certain path that one has to follow when attempting to break into the NHL and that must mean something. For the most part, I wanna say the kids that come over from Russia expect to be slotted into their NHL team’s starting lineup right away but not with Slepyshev. He’s been a good soldier so far and I think he should be rewarded with an extended run.

Mark Fayne has been recalled because Eric Gryba was hurt at practice. This falls under the category of “Who gives a shit?” because I’d be more than surprised if he made it into the lineup. Then again Matt Benning has been having a tough go of it as of late… Maybe Battlin’ Matt Benning gets a rest one of these days and Fayne draws in.

Talbot needs another break here and Gustavsson made some sweet saves in the third period last night. I’d like to see Gus get a start in the next couple of games.



Gawd I hope that G Money can shed some light on this play from the Oilers game yesterday when he returns from the game on Saturday šŸ™‚

@Oilersnerdalert is G Money, if you’ve been following the Oilers online through our site, Lowetide’s comments section, Twitter, and his own page; you’re very aware of who G Money is.

The BLH family has known about this for a while now but we were asked to keep it on the down low. But today is a new day and our old boy Zachary Laing has let the cat out of the bag with a littleĀ slap and tickle…

G Money just released a tweetstorm explaining the invite as well. So congrats to him and let’s hope for all the best!


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Click on the pic and grab a new 16-bit Fighting Looch tee!
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