Bakersfield and Oiler Recall Options

It’s only October 20th but the list of injuries is stacking up quickly on the Oilers. Who in Bakersfield is fit for a call-up should any more arise?

Seven of the top eight players (as far as points per 60 minutes) from the 2015/16 Bakersfield season are not available for call-up. They were:

Name P/60 Where are they?
Josh Winquist 3.046 Not in Oilers System
Rob Klinkhammer 2.401 Not in Oilers System
Tyler Pitlick 2.243 On Oilers
Matt Ford 2.205 Not in Oilers System
Marco Roy 2.075 Not in Oilers System
Jujhar Khaira 1.919  Available
Anton Slepyshev 1.856 On Oilers
Bogdan Yakimov 1.788 In KHL on loan


The candidates for NHL duty this year are:

Bakersfield NHL Forward Prospects
Player Position G/Gp Prim P/GP P/60 5 on 5 Rank AHL GF% Age NHL Salary NHL Experience Waivers?
Taylor Beck RW 0.34 0.52 2.138 201 56.3 24          650,000  87 Games Yes
Jujhar Khaira C/LW 0.204 0.469 1.917 280 47.7 21          875,000  15 Games No
Greg Chase RW 0.056 0.278 1.726 351 64.3 20          715,000  0 Games No
Kyle Platzer C 0.085 0.191 1.46 467 40.7 20          735,000  0 Games No
Mitch Moroz LW 0.128 0.231 1.283 547 58.8 21          875,000  0 Games No
Braden Christoffer LW 0.03 0.152 0.735 27.3 21          650,000  0 Games No
Patrick Russell RW Did Not Play 2015/16 23          925,000  0 Games No
Jere Sallinen C Did Not Play 2015/16 25          792,500  0 Games No


Taylor Beck and Jujhar Khaira are the most likely candidates up front. Both have some NHL experience and are capable of a third or fourth line role.

Khaira had a two goal game to start the season, followed that up with another two points in game 2, and is far more important to the future of the Oilers than Beck so he likely gets the first nod should the bosses come calling.


Bakersfield NHL D Prospects
Player Position G/Gp Prim P/GP P/60 5 on 5 Rank AHL GF% Age  NHL Salary  NHL Experience Waivers?
Jordan Oesterle LHD 0.093 0.395 1.707 29 49.1 23          585,000  23 Games No
Joey Laleggia LHD 0.129 0.29 1.336 74 50.8 23          883,750  0 Games No
Griffin Reinhart LHD 0.067 0.167 1.216 94 50.8 21          863,333  37 Games No
Dillon Simpson LHD 0.071 0.179 1.215 95 47.7 22          836,667  0 Games No
David Musil LHD 0.045 0.121 0.735 41.8 22          600,000  4 Games Yes
Ben Betker LHD 0 0.143 0.63 36.8 20          683,333  0 Games No
Mark Fraser LHD 0.033 0.05 0.385 37.3 28          575,000  219 Games Yes
Matt Benning RHD Did Not Play 2015/16 22          925,000  0 Games No

Betker is the man on paper that was called up first. He wasn’t a part of the lineup in the season opener for Bakersfield and should an actual slot in the top 6 arise on the Oilers it won’t be Betker that gets a look in NHL action. He’s the #8 defender in Bakersfield and will resume that role again soon.

Jordan Oesterle and Griffin Reinhart both have NHL experience and didn’t look out of place in their stints with the Oilers last season.

Matt Benning outlasted both Oesterle and Reinhart in Oilers camp, eventually making the initial 23 man roster before a late return to the AHL. He has an important distinction from the rest of the group as well, he shoots right.

It will be important to see as the season progresses which left-handed D-men play and do well on the right side. In game 1 it was Oesterle and Laleggia playing their off-side.

What would your call be? Do you think the organization has enough depth on the farm? Let me know in the comments section below.

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