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As the Editor of the site, I recently sat back with BLH and there was one thing we both realized: There are a lot of people out there with great opinions, but little to no means to express them.

With that in mind, Beer League Heroes has decided to bring on Johnny Potts (Kosmic Burrito), Micah Kowalchuk and Three Points Dave, who some of you may know from calling in on the 630 CHED Overtime Open Line.

While 3PDave is handling vlogging for the site, KB and Micah are working on some great blogs in their own right. These guys already have got some posts and vlog’s up recently, so I would recommend checking some of it out.

On top of that, we made the move to bring over Oilers Nerd Alert, who some of you may know as G Money from the comments of Lowetide’s blog. ONA is going to be doing some analytics driven posts and has some stuff coming up that is seriously going to blow your mind. While he already had a mean to express his information through his analytic driven posts on his wordpress blog, he has graciously agreed to contribute on this website as well.

Serious, it’s really freakin cool.

BLH and I are really happy with the guys we have brought on board, so make sure to stick around and read some of their upcoming work.

If you aren’t already, you can follow the BLH team on twitter here.

We are still looking for new writers to join the website. If you are interested in contributing on the website, you can send BLH an email (, or me an email (

We can also be reached via DM on twitter. Mine are always open to anyone wanting to chat.

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Click the pic and get your Better Call Hall shirt!!
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Grab a sweet “Beat His Ass” tee from the merch shop! Click the pic!

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