BLH Post Gamer G22 Oilers VS. Hurricanes: Yak Attacked by Zebra!

Photo courtesy of Gregg Forwerck.
Photo courtesy of Gregg Forwerck.

The Carolina Hurricanes band of blue collar heroes took it to the Oilers tonight and tuned the boys in 4-1! I think this is a team that the Oilers should’ve beaten but I guess that either shows my ignorance to a team that is higher in the standings or the Oilers really played like crap.

From what I watched, the Oilers were 2nd best in every every aspect. They weren’t winning the puck battles, they weren’t making passes, they’re zone entries were horrible and they couldn’t keep the puck in the Hurricanes zone for any sustained periods of time. And when the puck was in the Oilers zone they were having a helluva time trying to get it out.

Then Yak get’s clipped by the ref. Mercy killing is the way I see it. He’s done NOTHING since McDavid went down and I think the break he’ll get here will allow him to get his nerves in check, relax and just take a break from all the criticism he’s been taking.

Who’ll be recalled to replace Yak? It’s not like the Oilers have a lot of scoring depth in Bakersfield. I’d argue

Darnell Nurse is heating up! Grab a shirt or Hoodie and let him keep you warm too! Click the pic and get your 16-Bit Superstar shirt today!
Darnell Nurse is heating up! Grab a shirt or Hoodie and let him keep you warm too! Click the pic and get your 16-Bit Superstar shirt today!

that they bring in someone who is going to work his ass off and play physical. Someone to compliment Hendricks and Letestu. What about Moroz, Yakimov, or Hamilton? Or will it be Andrew Miller again? I’m thinking that Slepyshev could be an option but I’d like to see him spend some more time in the AHL. I’m curious to see Braden Christoffer again.

Is there a silver lining to the game? Taylor Hall and Leon Draisaitl were trying their damndest to spark some sort of offence for the Oilers and it looked like Jordan Eberle was really fired up in the third period. Darnell Nurse also looked good to my eye. The Oilers are lucky to have such high end prospects but the only problem with that is the time it takes for them to reach their potential.

Next up are the Detroit Red Wings. They’re 6-3-1 in their last 10 but they’re only .500 at home. So that’s a positive! Hopefully the boys can get back to the form they displayed versus the Capitals just a few days prior.

If you’re the fancy stats type, our beloved Walter Foddis does the post-game fancies and shares them with everyone. Check ’em out! Looks like the numbers are in agreement. The Oilers played like a steaming pile of chili poo!Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 3.16.21 PM

Lastly, is it wrong to hope for some moves to be made? And by moves I mean trades. We know that Jultz is coming back and that there are too many defencemen on the current roster, so somebody will be moved. If we’re to go by Griffin Reinhart’s play tonight, I’d say his ticket to Bakersfield is already printed but that would be a huge kick in the balls to Chiarelli who more or less stuck his neck out for him at the draft when he told everyone that Reinhart would be on the Oilers this season.

What do you think? What moves should the Oilers be looking at coming up here! Let me know in the comments below!

Take care and please drive safe as Old Man Winter settles in. There’s no excuse to be driving like a maniac when the roads are in bad shape. Better safe that sorry.


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  • kirk

    what point to keep the oilers ? just waste money & talent.. Sold the whole team..and bring the whole farm team up.. guaranteed Edmonton will get the same last place and get the first overall draft pick any way.. why waste..Deadmonton ??