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Okay maybe just a little too excited, but its fantastic to see a game like that played by the Oilers, especially against the Flames. Tonight was about everything that I had pointed in my previous post gamer that these guys needed to do. I only caught a glimpse of it on 630 ched after the game and couldn’t tell who the player was, but he mentioned they just kept it simple when asked about why they were successful tonight. You could see the more they played, the more comfortable they got with the puck and they were instilling confidence in each other and building trust. Chemistry was seemingly building up, the Oilers were having fun out there, and Mclellan was so happy he started to play the drums on the bench!

Everyone from Cam Talbot and out played a fantastic calm and comfortable game tonight. The defence made Talbot’s job easy tonight and helped him get his first win as an Edmonton Oiler and it couldn’t’ have been more memorable. The blueliners were making sure the high quality chances were kept low and they were getting into the shooting lanes. I could be wrong but I believe both goals that went in were redirected off an Oiler.

The Flames’ big boys were held off the scoresheet, something that’ll be a big confidence booster for this defence which is still trying to find its legs. Tonight the defence stepped up and made sure to support each other, used the proper outlets and made the smart play more times than not with tape to tape passes for much cleaner puck movement and breakouts. Tonight was the game the coaching staff was finally looking for and it was excellent to hear the players give that nod to them and how important it was to win it not only for the the guys in the room.

The Oilers came out solid in the first, they were outshot 5-8 in the period but you could still tell they were the better team and that something was a brewing. You could see the speed and pace of play pick up with them, they were getting comfortable and as we found out, that’s a recipe for disaster for the opposition! There was no looking back at that point, as the Oilers impressed and dominated the second period, out shooting the Flames 14-5 and outplaying them in every aspect.

As good as the Oilers defence and goaltending was tonight, the offence was on fire, their puck movement was simple but exciting, it was smart and thought out. Every goal scored tonight, the Oilers battled and dug their heels in just that little extra to force the turnover or win that puck battle and not give up on the play. The top 6 tonight looked like what everyone had expected out of them, fast, skilled, smart and mind you this was done without Jordan Eberle.

Confidence was higher than ever and you could see it in the players body language and in the way they handled the puck. The biggest piece of evidence was the emergence of Connor McDavid on Hockey Night in Canada! What a time for him to put his stamp on the NHL eh? The biggest stage in the country an dhe embarrasses the Calgary Flames on national television.

I was massively impressed with how he played tonight, not just because he scored 2 goals and had an assist but because what he was able to do and how he changed the pace of the game. He finally gave himself the green light to just go with it and take charge. His linemate Nail Yakupov had his best game of the young season so far as well. Yak didn’t look lost, he had that little extra pep in his step and he was getting into the open areas and getting scoring chances. I will admit I jumped for joy when McDavid scored, but I was extremely happy to see Yak make the twine tickle and can only hope there’s more to come from him.

Note: Tonight all four #1 overall picks scored… I’d say that’s pretty remarkable and I’m willing to bet another team will never match the feat ever again.

Tonight’s three Beer League Heroes are:

1.Connor McDavid – Obvious choice, he was the best player on the ice narrowly beating Hall, but he was all over the placw making plays and being a difference maker. He needed this game, welcome to the BOA Connor! 2 goals and 1 assist! It was great to see high emotion out of him tonight, especially after he scored his 2nd goal, he was fired up!

2.Taylor Hall- Once again he’s impressed me immensely. Hall’s looking more and more to be a great leader for this team, he scored a goal and assisted on 2 others, one with an absolutely beautiful pass to McDavid to set him up for his second. He’s showing that he can be the driver of this bus, but if he’s not on it he has a fantastic co-pilot on the second line.

3. Justin Schultz – Might take some flack for this one, but something changed with him this year, he’s been aggressive, smart and has taken a much better approach to the game. He is quarterbacking this defence along with Klefbom and is a guy the Oilers needed to play with confidence. He didn’t put up any points tonight, but I’ve been impressed with him every game and tonight was his best.

Tonight there will be no Golden Plunger award!! Even though the third line didn’t play the greatest, they were still much more effective and played a good game, tonight is a celebration of a well deserved win.

I can’t say enough good things about tonight’s game, and you may think its may be easy with a 5-2 win, but every line from the first to the fourth was effective tonight with their minutes. The power play finally gained some traction, it only scored one goal tonight, but every time it was out there it was doing something positive and the PK looked fantastic like it has all year so far. Tonight was a win that was much needed for everyone, from Chiarelli to Talbot. For all that watched the game, it speaks for itself, seeing the Oilers not only take over a game, but dominate it in every aspect was a nice change of pace, we shouldn’t expect that against the Elite of the NHL just yet, but we should expect that if they’re playing like they did tonight. Lets just enjoy this win and be proud! All in all it was great to see the players smiling.

My apologies, in the previous post gamer I thought the Oilers next game was against the Canucks, but I was wrong obviously and now the next game is actually against the Canucks. The Oilers shouldn’t stray away from their game plan and should be coming into this game with a ton of confidence against a not so good Vancouver Canucks team. They just need to continue to keep things simple and use their speed and continue to put pucks on net. It will be interesting who plays in net, and how the Oilers do on their first of many back to backs this season. This is a game that is more than winnable and it’s not out of the realm of possibility to expect a similar result as last night.

Thanks for reading everyone, let me know what you think @madi39 or in the comment section below!


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  • Bicky1

    Was nice to see a well balanced effort from all and the stars being stars. Hopefully this is a turning point

  • Gibbons Cheekbone

    ” a not so good Vancouver Canucks team.” um, have you seen them play? They’ve dominated most everyone except St. Louis. Hockey Talking heads are so wrong on the Canucks, they are better then last year.

    • Beer League Hero

      Who’s good again? Looks like the Canucks aren’t as good as you thought. HAHAHAHA! GO OILERS GO!

  • Madison Moroz

    Canucks are so much better…they lost to the Oilers.