BLH Sunday Night Pint #14 – Milk Was a Bad Idea!

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Welcome back to the BLH Sunday Night Pint! It’s our 14th installment and we’re going to talk Anton Lander, Connor McDavid, Roster moves, and HUGE mistakes! But before all of that… What in Sam’s hell went on last week?… The reffing has been atrocious and not only the refs on the ice, the bloody guys in Toronto working with the NHL making that calls on not one but TWO goals that cost the Edmonton Oilers points in the standings… Unbelievable! Let’s hope everything returns to normal sooner than later!

Anyways, crack your beer! It’s time to get this party started!! Today’s myself (BLH) and Lindsay Ryall (@lindsman77)

What is Going to Happen to Anton Lander?

LR: Nothing immediate will happen with Lander, I believe Mclellan will do everything to help Lander get his game back . If he is still wallowing come the trade deadline and a team is placing high value on a face-off man, Chia may trade him.  In all likelihood he will round back into form.

BLH: I don’t think he’ll be long for Edmonton if he can’t provide any help while he’s on the ice. As you can see from Montreal’s third line, getting production from your bottom 6 is nearly as important as getting it from your top. If Leon Draisaitl is a better option there, then maybe Lander will get packaged up and dealt to pick up a defenceman.

Will Connor McDavid Break 100 Points This Season?

LR: Unfortunately, I think a 100 point season will be next year, not this one.  He’s remarkably elusive but it will be hard to dodge the injury bug as an 18-year old.  Doesn’t have the best line mates on the team either.

BLH: Boy he’s looking like he might eh? I’m going to say yes despite my prediction on the Oilers Rig’s first podcast of the year where I said Hall would win the Oilers’ scoring title. That was before McDavid was setting the league afire. He’s a point-per-game player at this point and top ten in league scoring. I think he’ll definitely get very close if not over 100 points. The realy question might be, can he score 50?

What Will the Oilers First Move Be After Jordan Eberle is Take Off the Injured Reserve?

LR: Move Yak to the third line and see how he (Eberle) does with McDavid.

BLH: How about this conundrum? If Draisaitl is meshing with Nuge and Hall and Yakupov is clicking with McDavid and Pouliot, you can’t mess with that. Plus you have a young Swedish pivot that is in dire need of a kick in the arse, what better kick than playing with the best RW on the team?

The talk is starting though. If the Oilers want to make a move to stitch up the defence, they’re going to have to move an important piece. Personally I believe that Eberle is that piece. Could he be part of the elusive Lowetide special, the 3 for 1 deal? Well it got the team a Chris Pronger before… It might bring another.

What’s the Biggest Mistake the Oilers Have Made This Season?

LR: This was more of an off season move, but signing Sekara to such a long-term deal when he is not a top pairing d-man.

BLH: The biggest mistake the team has made is not getting rid of some of the useless veterans. To me guys like Purcell, Fayne, Ference, Nikitin, and Scrivens are holding the team back. Now yes I do know that their contracts are burdensome and Ference does have a NMC in his deal. My suggestion then would be to make it worth Mr.Ference’s time to move, bury contracts, healthy scratch players or eat money in deals. Those veterans are holding back the younger more capable players looking to break into the team. If this is a year where the team is evaluated and not expected to make the playoffs, then surely eating some dollars wouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments below your thoughts on this week’s BLH Sunday Night Pint! It’s gonna get chilly folks (single digits temp-wise?!!) so head on over to the Beer League Heroes Merch Shop and pick up a sweet Oilers themed hoodie or a 16-bit Superstar sweater! They’re priced very reasonably and from all accounts they’re the most comfortable way to keep yourself warm! Click the pic below to check out all our designs!

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I'm the Beer League Hero! I am from Camrose, Alberta but I make my home in Taipei City, Taiwan. I've been through the ups and downs and the highs and the Lowes, the Bonsignores and the McDavids, the Sathers and the Eakins but I'll never leave my Oilers, no matter what! They're with me until the end and then some. GO OILERS GO!

  • Rick

    Would u quit with trading Eberle he is one of the top right wingers in the NHL and no one on this team is his equal as his replacement.

    • Beer League Hero

      Thanks for reading and your comment Rick.

      Draisaitl and Yakupov have higher ceilings and better contracts. It’s that simple. Wanna improve the D? Then you gotta part with something other teams will want.