BREAKING (Not really): Anders Nilsson Heading to the Blues


Looks like Anders the Giant will head to St.Louis to play backup for Jake Allen and the playoff bound Blues. The big Swede was scheduled to play tonight versus the Ducks but was relegated to backup right before the game and the same happened with the Oilers no.1 goalie in Bakersfield. Laurent Brossoit was supposed to start tonight but was told he wouldn’t be right before the game….Dun dun dunnnnn!

With Brian Elliott going down with an injury this week, the Blues could surely use him but I wonder why they wouldn’t have gone after a guy like James Reimer. Probably price point. But even then, Nilsson’s track record short of a month earlier in the year isn’t good.

I’m surprised the Oilers are getting anything at this point but you never know what a draft pick could turn out to be. Maybe another Brandon Davidson?…

Well if Bobby Mac is talking about it, there’s probably some fire where that smoke is coming from. Until the morning we wait for the next Oilers trade though! In the mean time check out our new Youtube channel and subscribe too! We’ve got the ever-entertaining Three Points Dave busting his ass to get you a new one everyday!

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