Cam Fowler seems to be available, so should the Oilers be calling?


On Friday, Elliotte Friedman was on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer and suggested there is a possibility that the Anaheim Ducks could look at moving defenceman Cam Fowler at some point this season:

I’m very curious about Cam Fowler. You keep hearing his name out there. And I also do think Anaheim would love to get Shea Theodore in the NHL at some point, and right now they’re backed up pretty tight. I’m not as convinced on Cam Fowler in the next month, but I just keep hearing that there are – his name comes out here and there. So that’s an interesting one.

Transcript via Chris Nichols, Today’s Slapshot

Well, that’s interesting to say the least.The source is good. Friedman is well known for providing the some of the best scoops and insight to behind the scenes activity. When he has something to say, I listen.

Fowler is still a bit of an unknown as to what he will one day turn into in the NHL. Will he be a top pairing guy, or will he only be a 2nd pairing guy? Can he play the big minutes?

One thing we do know is that the 23-year old, 6’1, 207 lbs defender has the ability to put up solid points scoring 1.2 points per hour in the NHL over his career. His possession numbers suggest that he is a solid low-event second pairing defenseman. He eats minutes for the Ducks, sitting at 22 minutes per game over his six year career.

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After being selected first overall in the 2007 OHL draft by the Kitchener Rangers, he had decided to play for Notre Dame in the NCAA and refused to sign with the Rangers. He ended up breaking his agreement with the Fighting Irish a year later, and got redrafted in the 2008 OHL draft and was selected by his hometown Windsor Spitfires.

He ended up joining the Spitfires where went on to score 55 points in 55 games and help win the team – and teammate Taylor Hall – their second consecutive Memorial Cup title. After being drafted 12th overall in the 2010 NHL draft by the Anaheim Ducks, the then 18 year old jumped right into action playing a hearty 22 minutes a night.

A potential deal for Fowler could make sense. I spoke with Jason Byun, a former writer at Pucks of a Feather who said, “Fowler is due for a pay raise once his deal expires after next season, and with Despres locked up long-term, Josh Manson and Shea Theodore ready (or near-ready) to contribute, and Vatanen/Lindholm needing extensions after this year, he might be the odd-man out.”

If the Oilers brass feel that Fowler has the ability to continue on the path he has taken and develop into a top pairing defenceman, then I would imagine they would like to jump on a deal like this. The question we are left with is what would you give up?

The potential is there for a deal surrounding Nail Yakupov, Cam Fowler and prospects/picks to fill in the gaps. In my belief, Draisaitl has played so well that I could see him easily replacing what is had with Nail Yakupov. Now, this isn’t saying that I don’t think Nail Yakupov isn’t a fit in Edmonton, because believe me I am a big Yakupov fan. However, if we can make a move for a bonafide top-four with strong top pairing potential then I think that is a move we should make.

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