Is Chiarelli Looking at an Ex-Oiler?

On this morning’s opening segment of Oilers Now!, Bob Stauffer and Brenden Ullrich were talking about Benoit Pouliot’s status with the team, health and otherwise, and Stauffer broke off point for a moment and said something that perked my ears a bit. Here’s the quote:

Kevin Lowe used to tell me all of the time, “Never say never.” and that was about two days before the Oilers brought Mike Comrie back a number of years ago. You now, Ryan Smyth came back as well. 

 Skip ahead to the 15:03 mark to hear the quote.

I mean, why would Stauffer even bring that up? Are the Oilers looking at bringing an Oiler from the past? Maybe someone that was previously thought to be lost for the season but looks like he’ll indeed return to play before the year is out. Maybe a player that played in the Cup run of ’06? A player that was once loved before injuries ravaged his career.

You know the Oilers are looking for depth on the RW and for some help on the powerplay…

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They’re with me until the end and then some. GO OILERS GO!

  • kepler62c

    YESSSSS! Hemsky was my favourite Oiler growing up and I was so dissapoinnted when he was traded, I’d love to see them bring him back.