Contemplating Jarome Iginla as an Oiler?

Love the ref there… “What should we do? Do we stop it?”

Bob Stauffer brought it up during yesterday’s episode of Oilers Now! and David Staples dedicated a morning article to it. Jarome Iginla potentially being acquired by the Edmonton Oilers.

Stauffer said this yesterday:

Would I have time for Jarome Iginla? Sure. The Avs would have to take some money back, make sure. They’d have to take some short term money back. Why wouldn’t you have time for Jarome Iginla? How do you not respect Jarome Iginla. People say, Ah, he’s done, he’s finished. Never write off players like that. For a short timeframe guys like that can pull it together and they can bring it. If he were to waive (his no-trade), he’s a right wing, he’s a competitive player, he’s not the fastest guy, but he can still shoot the puck. He can one-time the puck…Hard not to like Jarome Iginla. If the opportunity presented itself, I think you’d have to look at it. (source)

Now when Stauffer starts naming names on his radio show, he’s letting you know that the Oilers are looking for a player along the same lines as the one named. So in this case (Iginla), the Oilers are looking for a right-handed shooter who can score. We were hoping that was going to be Jesse Puljujarvi but he hasn’t found his stride yet (nor is he getting the chance to show what he can do with that shot on the Oilers’ PP). And we got rid of Yakupov because he wasn’t pissing a drop for the Oilers (about the same as he’s doing in St.Louis right now).

David Staples said this in his post earlier:

As for whether it’s wise to pick up the 39-year-old Iginla in a deal, well, the price should be low. He’s only got three goals and seven points in 27 games this year. He’s shooting just 5.8 per cent, so his goal total is a bit light, but he’s no Jarome Iginla anymore, if you know what I mean. On a playoff team, I suspect he’ll be a third-liner at best, a Grumpy Old Man type, playing hard, gritty two-way hockey in the pressure games. But I only suspect this as I haven’t watched Iginla closely enough this year to have an informed take on him.

As for the need on the Oilers, Iginla is a right shot and a big, tough winger. Right now Edmonton has Jordan Eberle, Jesse Puljujarvi, Zack Kassian, Anton Slepyshev and Tyler Pitlick on the right side. All these players have so impressed coach Todd McLellan that on the top power play unit he’s now using Mark Letestu, a career fourth-line center, on the left half-wall. So one can see McLellan might well want a better shooter there. I’m not sure Iginla is that player, and I’m more than a wee bit upset that Jesse Puljujarvi hasn’t been given an extended shot in that prime spot, given Puljujarvi’s obvious shooting and passing skills. (source)

Iginla is in a tough spot as Colorado is blowing chunks this year. I definitely can see Iginla being traded but I’m not so sure Edmonton is the kind of team he’d prefer to go to right now. The Oilers aren’t exactly Cup favorites right now. That being said, Iginla still has a fire that burns as bright as it ever has and he still wants his name on the Cup.

“I’d still like to win (closest he got was game 7 in 2004 when he was in Calgary and lost to Tampa Bay). I won’t lose hope in that. Hopefully we can be in the playoffs but I understand how it works at the deadline if we’re not (going well). I’ll cross that bridge when it comes,” – Iginla from an interview w/Jim Matheson 11/23/2016 (source)

Our boy Eric Friesen (@EricJFriesen) even dedicated a whole post to a Yakupov for Iginla trade way back in May! Too bad that didn’t go down eh?

Stauffer mentioned the Avs would have to take some money back, perhaps a player with short-term left on their deal and Staples preferred a cheap return for Iginla. So what about Mark Fayne and a sweetener for Iginla?

From what I’m gathering, it sounds like folks are concerned about that lack of a right-handed defensemen to quarterback the power play and you know what? I’m not concerned about that anymore.

The Oilers have the 6th best power play in the NHL. Yes, you read that correctly. SIXTH!! And that is without the precious rightie QB… So why is it again that they NEED that dman? The PK is also sitting pretty at the seven spot. When’s the last time the Oilers were in the top ten in both categories for special teams? #FireWoodcroft

I mean in Staples article he does talk about the usage of Mark Letestu on the PP and yes, Letestu is a 4th line centre who is getting time with the man advantage. A rare beauty he is. But talk to Reid Wilkins and he’ll tell you all about Letestu’s offensive acumen. IIRC, Wilkins covered Letestu’s Bonneyville Pontiacs (AJHL) whilst Letestu was burning (105pts in 58 games in ’05) up the AJHL. And talk to head coach Todd McLellan, who loves Letestu for his brains on and off the ice.

Veterans have value be it tangible or intangible. Lanny McDonald, Ray Bourque, etc. were all legends who constantly found a way to get it done late in their careers. Now, Letestu isn’t and won’t be remembered as an NHL legend but you get the gist of my point. Iginla, on the otherhand, will be remembered as a legend.

Now, I’m not sure I agree with having Letestu where he is on the power play, especially when you could have Puljujarvi setting up shop there but as we’ve found out, it’s a fickle spot and an intelligent player like Letestu seems to fit the bill whereas a Jordan Eberle just can’t seem to get it going. That’s all fine by me but I do worry about burning Letestu out. Maybe a guy like Iginla could be the one to give Letestu a break?

I’d like the Oilers to trade for Jarome Iginla because I see him in the same light as a Gary Roberts, Mark Recchi, or John Leclair when the Penguins brought those players in for a very young Sidney Crosby. Plus I think that that 5.8% shooting percentage would spike like mad if he was playing next to one of McDavid, Nugent-Hopkins, or Draisaitl.

As for the Oilers defense. I think that is an article for another time. In my opinion, it’s still too young.

What do you think about Jarome Iginla being an Oiler? Let us know in the comments below!



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