Could the Oilers Trade Darnell Nurse?

Let’s face it. The Oilers aren’t going anywhere fast but they need to be. After ten clown-like years out of the playoffs and four first overall selections one could say things are getting ridiculous but even that is a major understatement. And after the comments by management and coaches yesterday, it’s safe to say that unless your name is Connor McDavid, nobody is safe. Read on for my thoughts coming up to the trade deadline and some possible Oilers trades.

Could the Oilers trade Darnell Nurse?
Would you deal this guy?

I got a list today of players that are in play for the oilers. Check it out!

Purcell, Pouliot, Letestu, Korpikoski, Kassian, Lander, Yakupov.

Of this grouping I’m surprised Kassian would be on the list. He hasn’t exactly been tearing the league up since his return but he looks to be a useful bottom 6er right now and he’s done everything he’s been asked or at least one could assume so.

But as far as I’m concerned, the rest could go. I really want to keep Yakupov around if Eberle gets traded though. I like his energy and tenacity on the puck, something that Ebs doesn’t always show. His contract is tasty and there’s still potential there. But if the brass deems him unfitting to their system, he’ll have to go then.

At the moment most of the “insiders” have Purcell going to Chicago or St.L right? Pouliot could get some interest from Dallas if Edmonton were to take a contract back. I don’t have the foggiest idea as to who’d be interested in Korpikoski, Letestu, or Lander. Maybe the Rangers could use an upgrade on the 4th line and Letestu would help there. Will the Oilers trade Yakupov to Montreal? It’s a rumor that has always been on the burners but now I’ve heard that Galchenyuk is on the block… So the whole reuniting Gally and Yak could be in the works…

The Oilers are also “gauging interest” in Eberle, Hall, and Nugent-Hopkins (more so Eberle than the other two).

Nothing new here but if the Oilers are serious about building a winning team, a team that has size and a good defence, they’ll cash in on Hall and Eberle. Especially if they end up drafting in the top four in this summer’s draft. Matthews, Puljujarvi, Laine, and Tkachuk are some beastly options there and this team is in dire need of the dreaded culture chance. And if that’s not your preference, perhaps an Oilers trade involving the pick and Oliver Ekman-Larsson could happen if Arizona is desperate enough.

Another point a lot of people miss on is what happens to the Oilers center depth if the deal Ryan Nugent-Hopkins? Just sign one? Trade for one? Do you really want to go into 2016 with your top two centers under the age of 21? The worst thing they can do is deal from a point of lack. That’s when you get taken for a ride. It’s best to have more centers on the roster than wingers as it’s an easier transition to the wing from center than the other way around.

I mean how would you feel if the Oilers dealt Hall and Eberle and brought in Travis Hamonic and Vatanen? Or Ryan Ellis and Kevin Shattenkirk? Not saying those kinds of deals would be player-for-player, obviously more pieces would be involved. But using Hall and Eberle to upgrade the D and then signing veteran wingers like Loui Eriksson, Milan Lucic, David Backes, Andrew Ladd, or even Jaromir Jagr to shore up their offense.

In addition to the forwards, defensemen Justin Schultz, Fayne, Nurse, Nikitin, and potentially Gryba (tricky with the injury).

If you’d have asked me last week about the certainty of the Edmonton Oilers trading Justin Schultz at the deadline, I would’ve told you 100% gonzo! But I’m not sure now. That game versus the Senators did more to devalue him than any game this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t moved apart from the waiver wire. Maybe then someone would claim him and if not, down to Bakersfield. Pierre LeBrun said today that the team would prefer to add a prospect or a draft pick in return for Schultz and would be willing to retain salary to help a deal move forward. That’s probably good news because without that he’s not going anywhere.

A name I’m sort of shocked that isn’t on that list is Griffin Reinhart. The team must really think highly of this guy. He’s coming along slowly and if his ceiling is that of a number four dman, he should be in play. Especially if Nurse is going to be on it. Players like Ryan Murray, Morgan Reilly, and Matt Dumba are passing him with authority.

Speaking of Darnell Nurse… You might be thinking that this is absolute nonsense and there’s no way that the Oilers could trade him. He’s too young. He’s exactly what the Oilers have been lacking for years since Pronger bolted town on the A-Channel Express. And I agree with you but as we said before, this is a team that NEEDS to turn things around next season and be in the hunt for a playoff spot. No more relying on sub-21 year olds to carry this team. And I think you have to ask yourself, would the team be better next year with say Dougie Hamilton or Travis Hamonic or Kevin Shattenkirk than Darnell Nurse? Would they be closer to a playoff spot with a more veteran defender?

I think it’s very debatable bit I’d have to be with those of you that say keep him. Plus I’d have to take this sweet shirt off the market…

What a tee! Get one now by clicking the pic above.
What a tee! Get one now by clicking the pic above.

AHLers deemed excess to requirement include Nilsson, Gazdic, Klinkhammer, Hunt, Miller, Hamilton, Gernat, and Musil. 

Technically Nilsson is an NHLer but he hasn’t been that since the beginning of the year. Gazdic won’t go anywhere, Klinkhammer might. He’s ripping up the AHL right now and is obviously too good. There might be a team like San Jose, LA, or the Predators who’d like a bit more sandpaper in their bottom 6 for the playoffs at a cheap price.

As for the other names on that list, I fully expect them to stick around in Bakersfield. I think the team would like to move Musil and Gernat but perhaps they’d be nothing more than filler in other deals. They’ll have to make decisions on them as the will not be waiver exempt next year.

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