D-Day 2016: Subban and Dubois


It’s here folks! I hope you brought your popcorn and soda because she’s going to be a barnburner! Will the Edmonton Oilers use their pick to make Matthew Tkachuk an Edmonton Oiler or will it be Pierre-LLuc Dubois? Will they trade down and pick up a defenseman like PK Subban? Is anybody safe on the Edmonton Oilers roster apart from Connor McDavid? Let’s talk about it.


A few quotes from some reputable writers who cover the Oilers online talking about these Subban rumours:

“If Peter Chiarelli pulls this off, every male Edmontonian will own a moustache like the one you see in the photo.” – Lowetide

“Whatever the case, a deal bringing Subban to Edmonton would be the biggest trade involving the Oilers since the Pronger transactions. It would instantly revitalize the club’s blue line, and as long as such a trade didn’t include Taylor Hall it’s hard to imagine a plausible scenario where the Oilers would be worse off as a team in the aftermath. It’s even possible to imagine a deal built on Hall-for-Subban which works from an Edmonton perspective, and that’s really saying something.” Jonathan Willis

“The Oilers aren’t getting Subban, who has a cap hit of $9 million for six more seasons. His no-move clause kicks in July 1 which has kick-started the trade rumours, but Bergevin knows Subban and goalie Carey Price are 1 and 1a in terms of importance.” – Jim Matheson

“This feels like the Dany Heatley rumours so many years ago when everyone was in a frenzy but ultimately let down. Maybe I’m foolishly optimistic, but I firmly believe that Subban will be traded. I believe the talk from the TSN guys. I feel like there is far too much smoke for something not to happen.”Kris Hansen

“Edmonton lacks either a No. 1 or 2 blue-liner, so this is something Chiarelli can’t afford to pass up. Especially when one assumes the Oilers might not have another Top 5 draft pick to peddle for years to come.” – Mark Spector

So there you have it. Coming some major contributors to the Oilogosphere to boot. Consensus seems to be that the Oilers must act on this and do it while they have a draft pick in the top 5 because those days are coming to an end and the Oilers’ first rounders won’t have this much value again… Hopefully.

Pete’s on it. He’s going after the big guns which shouldn’t be a surprise. He did manage to convince Zdeno Chara to join the Bruins and how he’s on a quest to add a Chara-like defender to the Edmonton Oilers. Hallelujah!

I wonder how much of a coup it would be if the Oilers could obtain PK Subban without having to give up Taylor Hall? The biggest or one of the biggest?

I have warmed up to the idea of trading Leon Draisaitl for help on the blueline but it would still be a hard pill to swallow. It’s been quite a while since the Oilers had a big centre like Leon. But if the Oilers could package him, the #4 overall, Davidson, and Yak for Subban, the #9 overall, and Eller; I think that’s something that would have to be considered.


I want to point you in the direction of this Youtube clip of the OilersTV boys having a little chat with Pierre-Luc Dubois. He says something VERY interesting in it that could sway some of the votes his way come draft time for the Oilers.

If you didn’t catch it, the journalists were asking him about where he projects himself in the NHL. Of course, if you’ve been reading his reports online you’d know that he’s a left-winger turned centre but he can play the right-wing as well. In fact, if given the choice between left and right wing, he’d prefer to play the right side and shoot from his off side.

Interesting turn of events. The Oilers could very well have an open spot on the right-wing come training camp and Dubois has been mentioned as one of the more NHL-ready prospects. At 6’2″ and over 200 pounds, this Screaming Eagle is a man child whose versatility is hard to ignore.

“If you need someone to check the other team’s top line and be a shut-down forward, he’s a guy who can do that. If you need someone to generate scoring opportunities, he has the skill, speed and hands to do that too. He’s a very all-around player.” – Dan Marr, NHL Director of Central Scouting,at NHL.com

What are your thoughts on Subban and Dubois? Let me know in the comments below!

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Click the pic and grab a 16-bit McDavid tee for the summer!
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  • G Donald Austin

    The oil will cut the deal for PK PC can not afford to..period

  • Harvey Schmidt

    I have warmed up to the idea. Not crazy about his salary, but if we now move one of the 6 million guys, then do it. Caution though when looking at the expansion draft looming. Must have Montreal 1st.