Doing The Unthinkable: Trading for Seth Jones

Crazy thought isn’t is? I have to tell you, this has been rattling around in my head since the day Jones was drafted by the Nashville Predators. His size, speed, skill and great statistics have quickly pushed him to be one of the top young defenders in the NHL; He’s only 20 years old to boot.

The truth is that I don’t believe the Oilers are done. I really don’t.

For those who don’t know, I am also a writer at the website Copper ‘n Blue. On July 1st, I pointed out in a Copper ‘n Blue article that the Oilers have nine defenceman who can play at the NHL level next year, and that isn’t including Brandon Davidson who just signed a one year deal this morning.

Name Age Years remaining Cap Hit
Andrej Sekera 29 6 $5.5 mil
Nikita Nikitin 29 1 $4.5 mil
Justin Schultz 24 RFA N/A
Mark Fayne 28 3 $3.625 mil
Andrew Ference 36 2 $3.25 mil
Eric Gryba 27 1 $1.25 mil
Oscar Klefbom 21 1 $894 166
Darnell Nurse 20 3 $863 333
Griffin Rienhart 21 2 $863 333







Looking at the big picture, almost any of these guys could make the roster. However, I think the most logical lineup would be:

Sekera – Fayne
Schultz – Klefbom
Ference – Gryba/Nikitin/Nurse

Not bad. The defence is improved over last season, but that comes with adding a guy like Sekera, and providing more depth with Gryba.

Does this defence help push us to the playoffs? It’s questionable. That is why I still believe that the Oilers are not finished. With the 48-hour buyout window opening Saturday, the Oilers have a chance to use a buyout on a player like Nikitin.

This would allow for the opportunity to arise for a trade possibility with another team. Many have suggested Brent Seabrook as the likely target for a trade-and-sign, and I would be very okay with that. However, I would almost prefer to pay a similar value to acquire a player like Seth Jones.

Again, I am totally spitballing here but would Leon Draisaitl and next years first get the deal done? Maybe even throw in a prospect like Pakarinen, Platzer or Musil to sweeten the deal?

Jones would be able to step into Edmonton and have an immediate impact. I spoke with Preds blogger Mark Harris who had this to say about Jones:

He’s going to be a superstar no question. Gotta realize he’s also yet to have played with a steady partner his whole NHL career… He played next to Ellis/Ekholm rookie year, Volchenkov/Bartley last year and now he’ll be with Jackman. 

At 20 years old, Jones does some very special things for a young defenceman. Last season, he put up a 53 CF%, playing 20+ minutes a night, scoring at a 1.1 P/60 rate. He would come into Edmonton and would likely slide right into the top pairing besides Sekera, or on the second pairing to provide a little balance to the defensive corps. Like Mark said, there is no denying the fact Jones will be a superstar in this league for years to come.

At the end of next season, Jones is an RFA and will be due for a big payday. I would imagine he would be able to be had for a deal similar to the one signed for Dougie Hamilton (6-year, $5.75 AAV). It goes back to what happened this past off-season with the threat of the offer sheet from opposing teams. Hamilton was the hottest commodity on the market and Boston felt threatened enough from teams like Edmonton to move him prior to a offer sheets coming in.

Boston eventually traded Hamilton to Calgary for a first and two seconds. It was rumoured that Edmonton was in the middle of the race to acquire Hamilton, but it was said that Nurse needed to be apart of the deal and that was enough for Edmonton to back out of the deal. Could next season be another one like we saw this year when big name RFA’s like Brandon Saad, Dougie Hamilton and Martin Jones get moved due to the threat? At the same time, Nashville isn’t up against the cap like Chicago or Boston so they could potentially be in a position to match an offer sheet next season.

None the less, I still believe the Oilers have more work to be done.

Zach Laing Written by:
  • Mac07

    It is an interesting theory. I have been on the Seabrook bandwagon for months. But if you could get Jones, that would be great.
    On one hand. Seabrook brings 3 Stanley Cups with him to mentor the young guns like Nurse, Klefbom, and Reinhart. That is very valuable in itself. Plus, I think he has 2-3 years left as a top 2 Dman.
    On the other hand. Getting Jones would bring a Dman that would be in your top 2 pairing for a number of years more than Seabrook. And could very well be a Norris one day.
    Question one. Could he be had for similar to Hamilton and is he even remotely available.
    question two. Could you find out before hand if he would sign extension here before trading for him? And if not Jones then try for Josi. Very affordable contract in both term and dollars.

    • Thanks for the read and reply Mac.

      Josi would be another great option but I think he could cost a fair penny too. I think that if there is the threat of the offer sheet similarly to what happened to Boston and Hamilton, there is a good chance he could be had for similar value.

  • BAWS

    I’d rather wait until the trade line until we actually know what we’ve got here at this point.
    In a couple of years this team is really going to be in a cap crunch as it is and who knows how good Nurse and or Klefbom and Reinhart may be by the end of the season..
    I doubt it, but maybe Schultz has a comeback year also.
    I bet the team at the least contends for a playoff spot this year, and if the young blue develop this team will really be on its way..
    As a side note though, Seth Jones Rocks and I’d take him in a heartbeat if he was affordable. ( I’d give up Yak before Leon).

  • MarkDB

    I have read these blogs for months. Why is everybody so keen to get rid of an unproven prospect like Leon for another shiny new unproven thing like a Seth Jones. Why not wait at least find out what you have before getting rid of it???? Leon for Seabrook, maybe? But Leon for a potential bag of pucks is the kind of thing that is just plain stupid. The new Oilers are done with this kind of crap so stop speculating about it.

    • Beer League Hero

      Thanks for reading and commenting Mark!

      I can’t speak for Zach but I do support his notion. Leon Draisaitl is sure to be a stud centerman for years to come but Seth Jones is a top 3 defenceman in the NHL right now! The Oilers should be looking to address their needs for the present and looking to make the playoffs ASAP. Acquiring a player like Seth Jones, who is stuck behind Shea Weber and Roman Josi, would be an outstanding target. In my opinion of course.

  • Hammer

    I don’t understand the big rush to trade away talented youth for a solid d-man this year. Why? Are we that close to winning the cup now? I don’t think we are personally. So why not give the young guys a chance to prove themselves under a proven coach and see exactly what we have? And then next year, maybe we sign a UFA such as, oh I don’t know, let’s say Brent Burns, who wouldn’t cost us any young talent and who has stated that he likes to play for Maclellan. I love the Oilers and I’m crazy excited about next season, but I’m baffled by all the people who are in a big rush to trade future stars to get everything now! This organization is vastly improved in so many ways, I say take a year or even half a year to see how what we have responds to the new coaching staff and then add a piece or two next year as need be.

    • Beer League Hero

      Thanks for reading and commenting Hammer!

      I can see where you’re coming from. When I see Draisaitl I see Mats Sundin and even he was traded, I don’t think we’ll see LD traded for a Wendal Clark-type anytime soon but you get the gist. In my opinion they’re going to try and bust their balls to make the playoffs and I think that’s a great start for them after all these years. Look how happy the fans in Winnipeg and Calgary were this last season… That could be Oilers fans next season.

  • Glatt69

    Seth Jones would be an awesome pick up.. Getting Seabrook however is never gonna happen.. especially now that Chicago has gotten rid of sharp and Oduya. Another defense man I can see the Oilers potentially getting in a trade would be Yandle. Makes a little more sense seeing as New york really wants to be able to sign Stepan but they would definitely need to free some cap space to do so. In return they would mostly want picks so they could still have cap room. Maybe going back the other way could be Shultz or Ference plus 2016 1st and 2nd. If it was Ference and we buy out Nikitin.. Defense is starting to look pretty good

    • Beer League Hero

      Thanks for reading and commmenting Glatt69!

      I’m wondering if the Rangers are in cap hell if they’ll just accept Jultz for Yandle straight up.

  • OrangeandBlue

    We just built up some depth at center…finally. I don’t think it would be a good idea to tamper with that yet. Also, we’d be creating another hole by removing a forward with size and good hands, which are hard to find. As much as I’m rooting for Yak, I don’t think he’d get the deal sealed either…however, I don’t think that’s all on him. The dysfunctional practices of the organization failed the player and without him the RW position is pretty shallow as well come to think of it. I don’t know a lot about Nashville, but it would seem more logical to keep grooming Jones and eventually move Weber and his monstrous contract.

    • Beer League Hero

      Thanks for Reading and commenting OrangeandBlue!

      The center depth is much deeper than RNH, McDavid, and Draisaitl. There’s Yakimov, Lander, and Letestu as well. So dealing a promising player like Draisaitl to team whose center depth is shallow makes sense to me. They have lots of scoring depth on the wings, so there’d be no sense in trying to sell that notion to NSH. Also, Yak’s value is nowhere near that of Draisaitl’s.

  • MarkDB

    If anybody thinks we are going to get Seth Jones for player (or two) on the current roster that the Oilers are willing to let go, they are dreaming. Not only that we would be giving up years of development on that asset just to acquire a prospect, we would be crossing our fingers Seth would develop in time to hit he right window. Justin Shcultz for Yanlde?? Sraightup

  • MarkDB

    Seriously?? Why not Yakopov for Ovechkin? Maybe the Caps are in Cap hell? Maybe RNH for Toews? We know Chicago’s in a bind.

  • Sean

    Nashville sees Jones as the future of the franchise, and unlike Boston they are under no pressure to get rid of him. I don’t think Nashville deals Jones unless they are the clear winners of the deal.

    To your deal of Draisaitl and a 1st round pick you would probably need to add Pouliot and a D (Schultz with retained salary?).

  • Dan

    Unless Hall is involved in the package there is no way this is happening. Jones is a proven comodity that the Preds have no reason to trade so a proven star player is going to need to go the other way. Just my opinion

  • But on the other hand, Nashville probably doesn t want to move a player like Jones, since he is young and still has tons of potential. No need for apologies.