Edmonton Oilers Training Camp Links and Previews!

Stanley Cups… McDavid… Coincidence?

There are good things and bad things about living in SE Asia, the good being it’s cheap as balls and there’s really no need to work 40 hrs a week to sustain a pretty damn good lifestyle but the bad is most of the hockey happenings take place while we’re asleep. So what I’m going to try to do for you is wrangle up all the links coming from the best hockey minds I know and read myself and give them to you in one place… Here!

Let’s see how I do for my first time and please let me know if I’m missing any!

Oilers Training Camp Previews

Jason Gregor has a very thorough one over at Oilers Nation here.

Matt Henderson puts his spin on the Oilers TC over at HockeyBuzz.

Long time Oilers Scribe Terry Jones talks about the difference between Coach Todd McLellan and previous Oilers coaches at training camp here.

Cult of Hockey’s Bruce McCurdy does a very detailed examination of the line combinations going into camp here.

Will Andrew Ference be captain by the end of this training camp? Sammi Silber has Oil on Whyte’s answer and training camp preview here.

The Hockey Writers’ Shane Sander takes us on a journey that is the Oilers defense as of today here.

Awww look how cute they are riding their bikes together in their short shorts!
Awww look how cute they are riding their bikes together in their short shorts!

Day One and Misc

Ryan Rishaug’s summary of day one is here.

Lowetide loves the Draisaitl-Lander-Yakupov line and gives us another classic here.

Copper and Blue’s Sunil Agnihotri has a wonderfully in depth look at the potenial Oilers pairings on defence here.

One of my favorites over at The Cult of Hockey, David Staples gives us his take on which young Edmonton Oilers defender has a better chance at cracking the lineup. Griffin Reinhart or Darnell Nurse.

Jason Gregor returns with his recap of day one of camp for Oilersnation here.

Sammi Silber also is back with her take on day one for Oil on Whyte here.

Mark Spector from Sportsnet has a very interesting recap of the day here.

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  • john heibert

    Missed a great game with the rookies and golden bears. Been to Taipei many times. Crowded yes, but a very nice city . Nice people and nice country.

    • Beer League Hero

      Thanks for reading and commenting John!

      I was at last year’s rookies/golden bears game and it was so much fun! I guess in hindsight I should’ve waited until this year to go back home for a visit eh?

      Taipei is a lovely place but I’m a little partial to the south of Taiwan. It’s a bit warmer and less rainy down there. lol.

  • Ryan

    That was great! I enjoy your blogs and hope to see more compilations in the future. So nice to have all these reads in the same place!

    • Beer League Hero

      Cheers Ryan! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! It’s our pleasure, I know it can be hard when all the sites are trying to put their two cents in, including us, so tossing them all on one page was an easy enough solution!

      We’ll be looking forward to more comments from you! Take Care!