Evaluating the Oilers trade options prior to the deadline

As we are now less than a month away from the deadline, it’s time to take a look at some Oilers trade options for the upcoming month.

After listening to a radio hit provided by Elliotte Friedman Friday on 630 CHED, it seems that the Oilers and Schultz could be going seperate ways sometime within the next month.

Schutlz time in Edmonton has been one that has been surrounded by disappointment. After he came out of the NCAA ranks and signed with the Oilers, I was hopeful that the team had really hit on a solid player. At the time, he was being courted by nearly every team in the league.

Oilers hype man Wayne Gretzky even helped out:

Now, after a four year stint, Schultz and his large contract could be out the door. Simply put, Schultz has not transitioned into the “Norris trophy potential” DMan the Oilers so desperately have needed.

None the less with rumours surrounding the Oilers making a move for a top end defenceman, I have to wonder if Justin Schultz could be a part of a package deal.

I wrote about the building buzz surrounding Schultz after Darren Dreger reported there could be some interest in the RFA defenceman here.

Would Schultz, Yakupov and our 2nd round draft pick this year be enough for a defenceman like Sami Vatanen, Hampus Lindholm or Travis Hamonic? Maybe. Would Jordan Eberle be able to get a deal done like that? I would think so.

If Eberle was the one involved, I really think that both the Islanders and the Ducks would certainly be interested as he would fit right in on either of their top lines.

There would have to be a little bit of tweaking done on both sides I think, but both teams could use a high-end scoring winger. I think that could be a strong basis for a deal.

Nobody forgets the magic that Jordan Eberle and John Tavares had during their time at the World Juniors. Like Tavares, Jordan Eberle is a very smart player on the ice, often seeing things others don’t.

Who could it be?

Teddy Purcell is one Oiler who I could see the team moving on from within the next month. Like the Arizona Coyotes did with Antoine Vermette last year, the Oilers could trade Purcell for assets at the deadline and then re-sign him in the offseason.

His season has been a strong one. With his play being inflated by the likes of Taylor Hall and Leon Draisaitl, he could be a play that could garner some interest from a team in position to make a push in the playoffs.

His UFA status is something that often attracts teams at the deadline, and the Oilers have the ability to eat some of the remaining dollars on his last year of the deal. This might make Purcell more attractive to other organizations.

Mark Fayne is another Oiler who could very well be out the door by the end of the next month. With two years left at a cap hit of $3.625 million after this season, the Oilers will have a bit more difficulty moving him. Like with Justin Schultz or Teddy Purcell, the team could opt to eat some of his remaining salary.

If the Oilers elect to do that, the team will be able to eat a maximum 50% of his salary, bringing his hit down to $1.8125 million – which is much more attractive to a team that’s strapped to the cap.

Mark Fayne's stats in all situations, prior to being sent to Bakersfield.
Mark Fayne’s 2015 – 2016 stats in all situations, prior to being sent to Bakersfield.
Mark Fayne's stats in all situations, prior to being recalled from Bakersfield.
Mark Fayne’s 2015 – 2016 stats in all situations, prior to being recalled from Bakersfield.

Fayne’s time in Edmonton has been a disappointment but after being sent down to the Bakersfield Condors and returning, his stats say his play has not improved. Just from watching him play, he does seem to be a calmer player out on the ice and is making better decisions.

Is that enough for a team to take a chance on him for the next two years?

I would hope so.

None the less, the Edmonton Oilers are in a position to do some wheeling and dealing for the next month. The waiver claim of Adam Clendening was a move that made it clear to the players that management isn’t happy with the product on the ice. How could they? They are still at the bottom of the league, but the team does seem to be a better team on the ice. While it doesn’t show in the standings, the Oilers are a better team.

Clendening is an offensive defenseman with good puck-moving ability and a solid shot from the point. While he is known for his offensive and ability to transition the puck up ice, Clendening is solid defensively. He doesn’t shy away from the physical side of the game and plays with a good deal of intensity. However, Clendening could stand to utilize his intensity and grit more to the benefit of his team. He also needs to keep his feet moving and improve his overall speed.

Hockey’s Future

Clendening however, is a player that really intrigues me. Does he have the skills to do what Justin Schultz hasn’t been able to? Yes. They are similar players, with similar skill sets.

The Oilers have lacked defenseman that can move the puck, and if there is one thing Clendening is good at it’s getting the puck up the ice. I would not be surprised in the least to see the Peter Chiarelli and company being active in the trade market for the upcoming month, and into the offseason.

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  • Matt

    Bob, if I’m Pete chia for a day here’s what I do.
    The trades
    Eberle and Shultz

    Nurse and 1st overall
    Faulk rask

    The line up
    Hall drai nuge
    Pou mcD yak
    Pak rask kass
    Hend letest jj kar

    Sekera Faulk
    Klefbom hominac
    Reinhart Davidson

    Back up

    • angeriod88

      Trading that first round pick is not going to happen. P.C already said he is not trading that pick, he said its highly unlikely. That pick is going to be top 3 or even top 5 pick at the looks of it and it may even become another first overall pick which we don`t need. I was so keen on trading eberle but now that I saw eberle with mcdavid, I feel it will be harder for me to pass on eberle now, but i still would for kevin shatternkirk or another great d-man like hamonic.