Foo Fighter!!! Are the Oilers in on this Hobey Baker Award Finalist?

So far the Edmonton Oilers’ dive into this year’s NCAA free agent class has come up fruitless. One of the, if not the, best options was Zach Ashton-Reese and he signed with Penguins. Josh Healey, an exquisite open ice checker, signed with the Flames yesterday, and now attention has turned to Union forwards Mike Vecchione and Edmonton native, Spencer Foo since their team was knocked out of the NCAA hockey tournament.

Elliotte Friedman gave Foo a nice plug on NHIC last night during the Oilers/Avs game and correct me if I’m wrong but did he not say (once again) that the four western-based Canadian teams are interested in him. I don’t want to put words in his mouth and I could be remembering that incorrectly. After all, it was only a short blurb.

Bob Stauffer also sent a tweet out that named the Oilers as a team that could be in the mix for Foo’s signature.


Born: Edmonton, AB
Age: 23
Position: RW
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 185lbs
Shoots: Right


The Edmonton, Alberta native is the ultimate team player that battles for the puck and can play on both the power play and penalty kill,  a coach’s dream while adding top college point production. –

I certainly like this sort of review. Players likes this are exactly the type that Peter Chiarelli and Todd McLellan are looking to add to their squad.

That consistency has been very important because it has allowed the younger players to see that through consistency breeds success,” Union coach Rick Bennett said. “Spencer is one of the hardest workers in practice each day. Hopefully that resonates throughout the year and when he moves on. My hope is that my younger players emulate his work ethic and consistency. – Union Head Coach Rick Barnett

Consistency has been a real area of soreness for the Oilers this season beyond Connor McDavid’s line. We’re just seeing the French Rejection Line (Pouliot/Desharnais/Kassian) as the 2nd most consistent line on the team and with Nuge’s line (w/Lucic+Eberle), it depends on the night I guess. Letestu’s line is never the same for more than a few games, so can we expect a lot of consistent performances from them?

He’s greasy,” Starman said. “He just does a lot of little things that are fun to watch. He’s got electric speed, hands, guts. He’s not afraid to try something difficult. He’s been good. He’s just fun to watch and he plays with an edge. – Dave Starman, CBS/ESPN college hockey analyst

A couple of thoughts on the idea of Spencer Foo joining the Oilers.

  • I still don’t believe that any of the NCAA free agents would be impact players on this Oilers squad and that signing Foo would be to add to the Oilers’ AHL depth as they are currently in a drive to the playoffs as well.

    Perhaps Drake Caggiula would be a good comparable in a case like this.

    If anything, Jesse Puljujarvi would be the guy that comes up if the Oilers need to shake things up or there is an injury. Could you imagine if the Oilers did sign Spencer Foo and then immediately threw him into the lineup? What kind of message would that send to the Puljujarvi camp?

  • I do like that Foo is 23 years old though. He’ll more or less be coming into the NHL with a mature body, meaning he shouldn’t still be looking to add that “man-strength” that 18/19/20 year olds are often lacking when then enter the league.

    Another plus is that he’s a righty and I love my righties!

  • Foo attended the Calgary Flames development camp this year. I wonder how he felt about that given he’s a diehard Oilers fan?

    I reckon it’s something that every player has to go through. It’s not often that a player gets to go to the team he supports or supported as a child. I mean Josh Healey (who also attended the same Flames development camp this year) just signed in Calgary and he was an Edmonton kid too.

  • If I’m not mistaken, the Oilers are sitting around the 48 contract mark (out of 50 allowable) and since the deadline has long passed, Edmonton can sign another player or two and be fine.

    To add to that, there are 10 unrestricted free agents set to leave the club this summer, so tacking on a couple of college FAs shouldn’t hurt the club.

  • Foo has a brother, Parker, who is set to join Union next season. At the moment, Parker Foo is playing for the Brooks Bandits and is having a solid season. He has 34G and 32A for 66PTS in 60 games played there. He’s 6’1″ and 170lbs and I’m just blue skying here but if Parker ends up being better than his brother, wouldn’t it be something to see a couple of local brothers suiting up for the Oilers someday? Has that ever happened for the Oilers?

“Work ethic is a huge thing,” Foo said. “As a player, if you don’t quite have the right work ethic, that is where the consistency problems can start. If you go out every game and focus on working as hard as you can, everything else will fall into place.”

I like Spencer Foo’s attitude and mindset. It’s a winner’s belief system.

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