Friedman on Oilers and Pens As Potential Trade Partners

This week’s 31 thoughts brought a few tidbits from Elliotte Friedman regarding the Edmonton Oilers. One being the Oilers interest in bringing in someone to upgrade the goalie position. Names like Hutchinson and Mrazek were brought up. This is nothing new but it was the 2nd point that the popular insider made that perked my ears a bit.

I’ve wondered what kind of trade partner Edmonton could be for Pittsburgh. The Oilers certainly had interest in Ian Cole, although I’m not sure how the Brandon Davidson waiver claim affects things. The ask was high. There are two UFA-to-be-pieces that could make sense for the Penguins: Mark Letestu and Pat Maroon. They know Letestu well. My only question about Maroon is Mike Sullivan loves speed, and Maroon, a finisher, isn’t a burner.

As long as the Oilers are winning one and then losing one (or two), there are going to be rumors and especially ones regarding the Oilers upcoming free agents like Maroon and Letestu.

Even though Mark Letestu has really come on of late and that Pat Maroon is basically on par to equal his output from last season, I don’t think it’ll be enough to keep them in Edmonton past the trade deadline this year.

Ryan Strome was brought in to replace Mark Letestu in my opinion and I imagine Peter Chiarelli is looking at Maroon’s speed (or lack thereof) and re-evaluating his plans there.

Now, where I question Friedman’s quote above is when he talks about Mike Sullivan’s penchant for fast players. Last I checked, Patric Hornqvist isn’t fast, nor is Ryan Reaves, Matt Cullen, or Tom Kuhnackl. And his fastest player, Carl Hagelin, is underperforming, to say the least with 27pts in his last 92 games.

I do think that Letestu would be an upgrade on Carter Rowney and that Pat Maroon is at least as good as Bryan Rust, if not better. Rust might be better served down the lineup a bit anyhow but I guess the same could be said for Maroon.

If I were to guess what the Penguins might be willing to give up for those players, it’d probably be nothing substantial or anything to get Oilers fans excited.

I think if I were Peter Chiarelli, I’d be interested in prospects like RWer Daniel Sprong or goalie Filip Gustavsson. Both are former 2nd round picks from 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Pittsburgh does have both the 1st and 2nd round picks in the upcoming draft but no 3rd rounder. They do have Detroit’s 4th rounder, two 5th rounders (one from Vancouver), and both their 6th and 7th round picks as well.

Would the Penguins part with Bryan Rust, an upcoming RFA, in a deal?  He’d probably fit into Chiarelli’s and McLellan’s vision for the team as he’s very tenacious on the puck and not a slow player by any means.


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