Friedman, Seravalli, Soria, and Thomas on Shattenkirk and the Oilers

Good Evening Oilers fans! The team is 7 pts out of 1st place… IN THE ENTIRE NHL!!! Good times. Good times.

I want to talk about Kevin Shattenkirk this morning because it’s not like everybody else isn’t, right? But difference being, I just woke up and I now get to review the radio hits and blogs to scour for quotes, to which I’ll provide to you below as well as a new t-shirt design!!! If you’re a Kris Russell fan, you should dig the new design!

Quotes on Kevin Shattenkirk

Alex Thomas on Lowetide 1/19/17 

“I think it depends on the asking price. I’m not sure if I’m willing to give up this year’s 1st round pick and then something else if I’m not going to be able to re-sign Kevin Shattenkirk. Now, I don’t think the Oilers will get a commitment from him no matter how hard they try before they trade for him but I do think it’s a possibility that Shattenkirk comes here. Let’s say the Oilers make the playoffs, let’s say they even win a round and then Shattenkirk falls in love and re-signs. All of a sudden it looks like a stroke of genius. 

But I think it depends. I’m biased, I want to see them get in, I want to see what they can do in the playoffs. I hope they dgo out and buy as much they can without truly truly hurting the future but Kevin Shattenkirk is a guy that doesn’t really come available often and he fits their needs perfectly. Almost too perfect in this spot. 

So I guess it depends what St.Louis wants here. I know they had a high asking price but I’ve seen a few people floating around the thought that St.Louis just wants the money so they can go out and get something else because they can afford to lose Shattenkirk as they need something more up front. Would they lower the price?

I think it all depends on the price for Shattenkirk.

You know I also really look at some other guys out there too. A guy like Martin Hanzal, how much is he going to cost? He’d be the perfect 3rd line centre. Or a lot of people rolled their eyes when he was brought up over the summer but Thomas Vanek has been really good on the right-wing for the Detroit Red Wings. What if he came in here as a goal-scoring right-winger? He’s going to hit 20 this year easily. Players like that, Radim Vrbata, are the guys I’m really looking at right now. 

Players like that, Radim Vrbata, are the guys I’m really looking at right now. But if Shattenkirk’s price comes down, I think the Oilers would be foolish not to look at him.”

Rob Soria on Lowetide 1/19/17

“If they (Oilers) go out and get a Shattenkirk, on his own, I don’t think it would make any sense. If they want to go for it, then, they gotta go at a couple of pieces. They need a 3rd line centre, a defenseman. If they go get two players like that, fine. Make a run but people have to understand, it’s going to come at a cost.

He’s a UFA but I think they are other playoff teams that would love to add Shattenkirk to their blueline.”

Frank Seravalli on Lowetide 1/17/19

“We obviously know that the Oilers have interest in Kevin Shattenkirk because they recieved permission from the blues and obviously they’d gotten to a desk in conversation that they were interested in inquiring enough to go down that road and talk about long-term extension and the response from the Shattenkirk camp at the time was that they weren’t interested in doing something like that.

Now, again, to stress, we’re a long way from March 1st and the deadline is still 6 weeks from yesterday. I’m not saying at all that a deal is imminent but from the conversations that I’ve had, the Shattenkirk camp, I believe, is interested and excited about the potential of Kevin Shattenkirk being a rental acquisition at the trade deadline. He’d be interested in going anywhere to try any sort of short term fit to figure out what he likes and wants for the future and certainley Edmonton would be included in that category to come and try it.

Cam Talbot was in the exact situation and has the same agent group as Kevin Shattenkirk. He (Talbot) didn’t want to come to Edmonton, in fact, his group told the Oilers, “Don’t trade for him because he’s not going to sign and extension there.” And he went and came to Edmonton and ended up loving it, started playing really well and went on that stretch last year in Dec. or Jan. and was excellent for the Oilers and it convinced him, even before seeing, really; the new building and Connor McDavid consistently playing in this team, fully turning it around in the standings. Cam Talbot absolutely loves it in Edmonton and I think that’s something that’s been the trend league-wide, is that players are realizing quite quickly that Edmonton is becoming a destination for NHL players.

There’s a certain shift that is going on in St.Louis. Obviously they have Tarasenko, but they have some other issues, Fabbri there as well. They have some other issues they need to tackle. As you (Lowetide) said, Doug Armstrong was burnt by the fact that Backes went to Boston and Troy Brouwer went to Calgary on July 1, they didn’t retain either of those players and got nothing for them in return. I think the sweet spot for the blues would be finding a player that they could bring in now that wouldn’t create such a hole in Shattenkirk’s return and also have something for the future.

One of the ideas that was floated yesterday that I heard, certainly NOT from an official source but pure speculation, what about the idea of something like a Brandon Davidson and a conditional pick because the Oilers are going to position themselves for the expansion draft and as it stands right now, they’d likely lose Davidson in the expansion draft anyway. He’s someone that can help the Blues now and also that conditional pick for the future and in return the Oilers would get Shattenkirk with the idea of betting on the fact that they can convince him with both a playoff run and a really home-heavy march schedule. I think they have something like 12 home games, the Oilers do, in the month of March. That they could convice him in that time that Edmonton is the place to be for the long-term and figure out the conditional pick and him signing on the back-end.”

Elliotte Friedman on Oilers Now! 1/19/17

“I think that they (Blues) realize that they’re not going in the right direction right now and they have, on the right side at least, they have Pietrangelo and they have Parayko, so they can get away with not having Shattenkirk. And if you look at some times this year, you get the impression that the coaching staff and Shattenkirk aren’t always on the same page in the terms of how he plays.

What I don’t know is, what’s the price? Like, if they’re still determining the asking for a big price, they’re not going to do it for a guy who, they’re not going to get it for a guy who has got a couple of months left before becomes UFA. And there is a belief out there, rightly or wrongly, that he wants to be a Ranger.

If they’re going to ask for a premium, I don’t think they’re going to be able to get much. But if they’re going to ask for something a bit more short term or the price isn’t as high because maybe they want to move him to get something else. I could see it happening and the other thing I could see happening Bob is, what if they did something with Tampa where they send Shattenkirk to Tampa and Bishop goes to St.Louis? I mean, that’s something that helps both teams. I don’t know, I’m just throwing it out there.

But what I do think that is going on here is that there’s a willingness to move him, I don’t know what the price is, and I think that Shattenkirk, who was wasn’t willing to go to Edmonton last summer to sign long-term, he might be willing to do it as a rental. I think there were all sorts of teams he wasn’t interested in before like Montreal, like Toronto, could potentially in as a rental depending on what the cost is. I can’t see Peter Chiarelli giving up anything that affects his long-term situation for a 3-month rental just to get into the playoffs. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.”


My Thoughts…

Okay, so what I’ve gathered from Friedman and Saravilli is that IF the Oilers want to go out and get Kevin Shattenkirk, it’ll be for the playoffs only. Now, I like Saravilli’s suggestion that the Oilers offer Brandon Davidson and depending on what round that conditional pick is in… The Oilers might not have to give up much if Shattenkirk does indeed take off for the east coast in the summer.

Surely the New York Rangers would have interest in Shattenkirk but could they fit him under their cap? I’m not so sure with them having Staal, McDonagh, and Girardi signed up for the foreseeable future. Nobody will be taking the injury-riddled Staal and can you see any teams having interest in Girardi right now with his foot speed and cap hit? They could trade their captain but that seems extremely unlikely.

Lowetide mentioned it on his show this morning, but perhaps now is not the time for a Rangers/Shattenkirk marriage. Could that possibly open things up for a short term deal between the Oilers and Shattenkirk though? Just wait out the Rangers and then by that time, be it one or two years, maybe New York has something the Oilers would like and then perhaps the Oilers have Matt Benning running the show on the PP or another young player. Who knows?

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They’re with me until the end and then some. GO OILERS GO!

  • LesMc

    Can we stop with this ridiculous Shattenkirk notion already? He’s stated multiple time he wants to play in the east only! But if they want him for a playoff rental, don’t offer more than 36 cents and a chicklet.