Friedman Wonders If Edmonton and Toronto Could Be Trade Partners

“There’s no question the Oilers have been looking for offense and some speed,” noted Friedman. “Cammalleri is a quick guy and he’s got some speed. It’s not a surprise to me that they would make a move. I was wondering if they were going to look – I think I said it on your air last week – I was wondering if they would look at Toronto’s guys, like a Soshnikov or a Leivo.” – source

That quote comes from Friedman’s appearance on Sportsnet 360 on the same day the Cammalleri/Jokinen trade was broken and I’m pretty certain Friedman hates being “radio-ed” as Bob McKenzie calls it but if that’s the case, why would he bring those names up on such a big stage?

I think it’s because the Maple Leafs are shopping both Leivo and Soshnikov and what better way to do it than through one of the best channels in hockey.

Now, I have ZERO problems with either player.

I think that Soshnikov is a waterbug out there who isn’t afraid to get his nose dirty. He’s got the speed the Oilers could use and I think there’s some offense there too. He’s scored 12 pts in 14 games for the Maple Leafs AHL squad so far. I’ve loved watching him from the first time I seen him play. He’s a guy that can float throughout the lineup too.

As for Josh Leivo, he’s too good for the minors and in 13 games last season, he scored 10 points for Toronto. He’s a big-bodied player at 6’2″ 210lbs who can move and has a history of contributing on the scoresheet.

At the moment, Toronto has Soshnikov on the 4th line RW and Leivo in the press box which surprises me because Dominic Moore and Matt Martin aren’t exactly lighting it up but to their defense, the rest of the team is playing (and scoring) well and it’s not like they would succeed in a higher role in the lineup.

Both players are RFAs at season’s end which means they are exactly the right kind of player for Peter Chiarelli. He loves him an RFA.

As far as I’ve heard, the Leafs are looking for defense at the NHL level and I’m not exactly sure which player off of the Oilers they’d accept that the Oilers would be willing to move. Is Kris Russell that guy? I mean Dion Phaneuf was a Maple Leaf player and captain for years but is Russell an upgrade on Borgman or Carrick?

Why’d they sign Polak?

Just for those asking, there’s zero chance that the Oilers trade Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurse, or Adam Larsson.

But looking at the Maple Leafs’ cap situation, they have ZERO cap space. Literally none. So perhaps picks and prospects would do it? But then you have to think about both teams 50-man lists. Edmonton is at 48 and Toronto is at 49…

Either team adding would need to be very careful in how they do it so that they don’t handcuff themselves for any potential trade deadline moves.

Either way, I like the way Friedman is thinking and I would welcome both Soshnikov and Leivo on the Edmonton Oilers as both players seem to be stuck in limbo on a deep Toronto Maple Leafs team.

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