Get Brent! Seabrook On His Way to the Oilers?

It all started with two tweets from the host of Oilers Now and known Edmonton Oilers insider Bob Stauffer.

Now the Twitterverse is on fire because Stauffer in his not-so-subtle way of leaking rumors let it be known that perhaps Chicago would be willing to talk about defenceman Brent Seabrook.

Then Jason Gregor goes ahead and says that… That’s TWO of the main media pundits that cover the Edmonton Oilers saying that there’s some smoke to this rumor.

Gregor did go on to write an excellent piece about his take on the rumor here.

As for the return and I apologize for the lack of a link here but I did read that the rumored return was an established defenceman, a prospect on defense and a draft pick. That could be anyone but really the only players that fit the bill are Mark Fayne, Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurse, and maybe Brandon Davidson.

We have to be realistic here. Chicago could be having issues moving Bryan Bickell (2yrs @$4m per) and Patrick Sharp (2 yrs @$5.9m per). IF, and that’s a big IF, trading Brent Seabrook is an option the Blackhawks are going to want value contracts back. So that brings us back to Oscar Klefbom/Darnell Nurse/Leon Drasaitl.

They’re re-tooling their defence¬† you could be assured that one of the Oilers top defensive prospects would be part of the return UNLESS… Unless Stan Bowman can find a way to get rid of Bickell and Sharp and is still willing to move Seabrook (an idea even dumber than trading Seabrook). Perhaps then we could see a scenario where a Jordan Eberle or Nail Yakupov is the center of a package going to Chi-town.

Sometimes I wonder what Oilers fans are smoking and whether they should be tested before using social media… Now I can’t argue that Seabrook is definitely an elite defender (not top ten mind you) in the NHL and Edmonton best be getting a player like Seabrook, especially for that first week (they play the Blues twice and the stars) but come on… Hall or Nuge. That’s nonsense. A top three winger in the NHL and stud center that is nearly 8 years Seabrook’s junior… Please!

David Staples of the Edmonton Journal gives us his take here.

Basically he goes on to tell us that Seabrook has a good 4-5 years left on him before he starts to decline and would it be worth the price of admission (I’d say $7 million over 7 years) for the OIlers to acquire him given those final years of his deal could be costly. He also goes on to discuss defencemen who went on to play effectively despite their advanced years (Lidstrom, Chelios, Blake, Foote).

 My Take

The Oilers really got hooped in the Dougie Hamilton sweepstakes and I’m not sure if Kevin Shattenkirk is really what the Oilers need. I do however believe that Brent Seabrook is exactly the type of player this version of the Edmonton Oilers needs.

We’ve spoken about the Oilers captaincy recently but if the Oilers acquired Brent Seabrook, I’d slap the ‘C’ on him before he arrived in Edmonton. You can’t overlook what he’s done in his career. This man is a top-pairing, a top 20, a top two-way defender in the NHL! The perfect partner for an emerging talent like Darnell Nurse for instance.

But alas… Sometimes where there’s smoke there’s mirrors… Are we being misinformed? Is it all an illusion to take our attention off of something else? Let me know in the comments below!

Who would you trade for Brent Seabrook? Would you even want him knowing the cost?

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Beer League Hero Written by:

I'm the Beer League Hero! I am from Camrose, Alberta but I make my home in Taipei City, Taiwan. I've been through the ups and downs and the highs and the Lowes, the Bonsignores and the McDavids, the Sathers and the Eakins but I'll never leave my Oilers, no matter what! They're with me until the end and then some. GO OILERS GO!

  • Anthony Mac

    Seabrook would be great addition. And if it is Fayne, Davidson and next years 1st, I am all over that. But I don’t think that combo gets it done. What term and money would Franson be looking for? Would it be better going that route if it is 3-4 years at $5-$6 mill instead and let Nurse and Klefbom grow into those top 2 rolls? If this deal can be done without including Nurse and Klefbom, then you have to seriously look at it.
    Reinhart-Gryba, Nurse, Ference
    That would be a huge improvement from last year.

    • Beer League Hero

      Thanks for reading Anthony! Your comment makes a ton of sense. If Chiarelli can improve this team without letting go of any of its good young players than he is the next coming of Sam Pollack!

  • Luke

    although is live to have him as an Oiler , I’m not into sending any of the young D or forwards in that trade! I say we stand pat and see what shakes down the first half of the season, nurse is trending to be better than seabrook IMO and has his whole career ahead of him. I’d rather wait til we are closer to contending than sell the farm now to only start to contend once he’s declining. Not to mention he’s going to get a big pay day next year, I’d hate to see us in the same position as Boston or Chicago due to that contract!

  • Steve

    I think the deal that makes the most sense for both sides is….

    Schultz + Lander + a conditional pick (1st rounder if Seabrook resigns, 3rd rounder if he doesn’t).

    That way Chicago gets 2 young NHL players who are very close to hitting their prime AND a good pick in next years draft.

    Edmonton gets a good veteran defenseman to help guys like Klefbom, Nurse, and Reinhart for at least a year, with no guarantee that he will resign (Even if he does resign, the amount of term and dollars it will cost to resign a player on the wrong side of 30 is yet another risk).


  • Jeff

    I think that if you even have a shot at acquiring Seabrook the Hawks do not consider the Oil as a trade option unless a Nurse or Klefbom is included. The Oilers will not be the only team looking to acquire Seabrook if he does indeed become available. Realistically, the Hawks will need to replace a top pairing defender next season. Does Klef or Nurse even do that? Nope, but if we were to offer Klefbom (can play top 4 mins next yr), Davidson, and a 1st I still think it would be a good deal for the Oil.. This is all based on the confirmation that he would resign, if not, no thanks for 1 yr. All this being said, I would prefer to include Yakupov as an alternative to Klefbom, if the Hawks are willing, and looking for a cheap replacement for Sharp once he is moved. I honestly would go as far as Eberle to get that coveted D-man that we all long for to anchor the right side, but if the Hawks are willing to take on Eberle’s cap hit, they just get Seabrook done instead IMO.

    • Beer League Hero

      No doubt Jeff and thanks for reading!

      Klefbom, Davidson and a 1st is very tempting. I think the Hawks would want a bit more veteran presence though. Mark Fayne, maybe… Andrew Ference.. Tough call though. Trading Eberle opens up a spot on the LW maybe for a guy like Purcell to move up and giving a younger player or a veteran FA a chance in the bottom 6.

  • Marco

    Oscar kelfbom, brad hunt, and a second rounder in 2016. Thoughts?

  • Alice Hotel Rocks…

    Thought provoking article…
    I’ve been an Oil Head since the start…
    My view from the West Coast is the Oilers should go into training camp and see who thrives and steps up with the new coaching staff and direction.
    There’s alway surprises….
    Once they determine whom might not be a fit, doesn’t mean they can play, just not a fit, then make more big moves either the trade deadline, draft, FA or trades if possible.
    As a Fan I’m not expecting to win the cup this year anyways (next year maybe, lol) so why not give the players a chance to prove they want to be here…


    • Beer League Hero

      Great points and thanks for reading AHR! The Oilers are now a team to be reckoned with in the NHL and that’s a big change from where they were for the past 10 years.

      Your username… Is it making reference to the Alice Palace in my hometown of Camrose?

      • Alice Hotel Rocks

        Yes it is… About as Camrose as the Hutterites, that of course have never been to the Palace…LOL

        • Beer League Hero

          Lol! That’s awesome. I remember the nights would start off at BP’s for a jug or two, then off to Caddies, if we were feeling lucky we’d go to Old Chinema and after striking out there it’d be off to the Alice Palace for off-sales for the walk of shame back home.

          Camrose… Good times.

  • Marco

    Klefbom, Brad Hunt, and a second rounder in 2016. Thoughts?

    • Beer League Hero

      That’s an interesting proposal Marco. Sekera and Seabrook would be formidable! You wouldn’t be concerned with giving up such a burgeoning talent in klefbom?

      Thanks for your comments!

  • Alex Maksiutenko

    If they do acquire him oh my god would i pay some good money to see Seabrook play with one of our young guys like Klefbom,Nurse

    • Beer League Hero

      You and me both!

      Thanks for reading and sorry for the late response. Some of our genuine comments were stuck in the spam folder.


    Seabrook is just what we need Justin Schultz and Nail would be the perfect trade for him

  • Seabrook matched his rookie total with 32 points while tallying a personal-best nine goals. Seabrook missed the next two games, while Wisniewski was ultimately suspended for eight games.