Gregor Says Hall’s Character Assassination Came From Within Oilers Organization

Taylor Hall down!

Yesterday the Edmonton Oilers traded star left-winger Taylor Hall to the New Jersey Devils for up and coming stud defenseman Adam Larsson. This trade has shaken the foundations in Edmonton with fans of the team absolutely losing their shit. But the fans aren’t the only ones getting emotional about the deal. Jason Gregor, a radio personality whose show is part of TSN, had a few things to say about the fans in Edmonton and the Oilers Management. The link to the show will be below and I’ll include the quotes below that.

(3:00) “My concern is this in the organization, I have a hard time when you have an organization that has missed the playoffs for ten years; making trades? Sure. It’s part of the biz. But why do you have faith in an organization that still keeps the people that helped drive in the ditch?”

  • Gregor has a pretty good point but you can tell he’s got an axe to grind with someone and it took Taylor Hall’s trade to bring it out.

(3:44) “It’s so easy to want to assassinate a person’s character and it’s gutless to do it when you’ve never met the person. It’s gutless. And you want to know what’s even worse about it? Some of the stuff came from the organization itself.”

  • Uh oh… I have to wonder how long Gregor has had this cocked and loaded and was waiting for the opportunity to let it loose.

(3:54) “That’s where I question if the organization will ever win because if you’re rotten from within and you’re bad mouthing your own players around town, how the HELL do you expect to win?” 

“What message is that- Hey, we wanna a good team but you know what? You go around town and you’re people on the organization and you’re saying Taylor Hall’s a bad character? Think about what that means about yourself…”

“You’re telling- Well this guy’s the problem and you work for the organization? Guess who’s got the problem jabroni? You do!”

“And that’s what this organization’s problem has been for far too long. Far too long. The wanna blame- Let’s blame all the young kids! They’re the problem.”

  • Coming up it becomes more clear as to who he’s pointing all this hostility at.


(4:33) “Did the young kids sign Nikita Niktin for $4.5M? No. Did they never acquire a defenseman in the 5 years prior to Peter Chiarelli. No” 

“Did they say Justin Schultz has Norris trophy potential and Jeff Petry had to prove himself? YUP!”

  • Sooooo this is a bit awkward. Was it Craig MacTavish who said those things or Scott Howson?

(5:55) “And Peter Chiarelli, fine, he comes in and he’s the new GM and do I doubt that he’s the one making this decision. No. He’s the one making the decision. That’s fine. But when you have people in your own organization constantly saying negative things about people, I don’t care who you are, it’s hard to block out and when you have an organization that keeps these people employed, what does that say about your organization.”

  • I’d say he’s getting pretty close to crossing a line here because he’s certainly weighing in on everybody running the team now.

(6:41) “It’s not even about the trade, to me it’s about the closed-mindedness, the narrow-mindedness of Edmontonians to- Oh, it’s Taylor Hall’s character… He’s a cancer in the room. You’ve never been in the room! Shut up! Stop spreading rumours. You have no actual insight on.” 

“And the worst part is, like, I can understand a fan saying it. Cause no offense, it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean anything if the media says it.”

  • Now he’s running wild on the locals? Hmmm didn’t Dan Tencer do this once? And I’d say it does mean something if the media says something about a player’s character. But hey, I’m just fan.

(7:10) “But when you’re an org- And trust me, I have it on record organizational people saying it and that’s the problem.”

  • BINGO! Now I could be taking this out of proportion but I kinda of feel like this is a big deal and I don’t have a problem with it except he doesn’t say who he’s talking about nor does he provide any quotes. Not that I’d expect him to do that but what do you think his motivation was in bringing all of this up?

(10:17) “There’s been a lot of scapegoats over the years and it seems like Hall’s the most recent one but none of the scapegoats ever come from the people who ultimately made the decisions.”

  • Hmmm. Is it too easy to point to Tambellini, MacTavish, Howson and the majority of the scouting staff here? They’re not making any decisions anymore because they’re either unemployed or have been moved to another position within the team, so I suppose in theory they’ve paid the price for their incompetence, no?

    And haven’t the player’s leashes been the longest off all the members of the organization?

(13:18) “It’s about winning, clearly. That’s why Taylor Hall got traded. It didn’t matter what he produced, evidently he wasn’t a good character guy in the eyes of some.”

“That’s what people who want to convince themselves of something say today. Because they don’t know it for a fact, so they like to make it up.”

  • I can’t figure out when he’s going between the fans and the management because he’s all fired up over the fact that some within the organization are bad mouthing players on the team (to which he’s got proof) and he believes that’s why the team is in the shape it’s in.

    So is it the fans making stuff up here or members of the management or Katz’s? Which is it because he’s said he’s got proof of someone employed by the Oilers saying some unsavoury things about Taylor Hall or other players on the team? Is it entirely possible that said employee of the team might have a better idea of Hall’s character than Gregor or that they had run-ins in the past?

    Lastly, do the players have to take some responsibility at any point for the team’s performance?

So that’s all I’m going to go with here. That’s only 13 minutes into the show but he sure said a lot in that time and I can’t be bothered going through the rest of his show.

How do you feel about his comments? Let me know in the comments below!

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Beer League Hero Written by:

I’m the Beer League Hero! I am from Camrose, Alberta but I make my home in Taipei City, Taiwan. I’ve been through the ups and downs and the highs and the Lowes, the Bonsignores and the McDavids, the Sathers and the Eakins but I’ll never leave my Oilers, no matter what!

They’re with me until the end and then some. GO OILERS GO!

  • Kane Adamson

    Damn am I going to miss that guy. Dreams of 2 elite scoring lines are now gone. Don’t stop now, gotta make damn sure we have another top 4 D added and a top 6 LW to “replace” him or this was a disaster

    • Beer League Hero

      Yeah, I hope the deal they’ve got with Lucic was signed in blood. Word has it the Oilers and Avalanche are talking…

      • Kane Adamson

        I’m terrified of what that might mean. At what point do Fayne and Korpikosky get a swift kick out of the door. By my count we have roughly 10M in cap space accounting for inevitable bonuses to Draisaitl and McDavid. Lucic is 7 of that and the roster is full. So… Fayne + Eberle (they are pretty set on centre) and what … they need D but management and ownership would never move Nurse … Reinhart has little value around the league after last year … Davidson? Cheap and effective he would help. Is that close for a 50+ point 24 year old RHD? Apparently I have no concept of their value

        • Beer League Hero

          Well Korpsi is gone, so well done on that bit of foreshadowing. lol. I did hear murmurings that Fayne was getting bought out too, so keep an eye on him this summer.

  • superdutyfan

    I don’t put any stock in what is said in the dressing room from poeple that are not in it. Did not Balanger say something to that effect as well.

    Anyway if a 2nd rd pick make this trade more palatable? Sure it would but trading from a point of weakness is hard. It’s not because PC said we needed a RDMAN it’s been a fact to everyone gm’s fans media for 5 yrs we needed a defenseman so no matter the deal we would be trading from weakness. How would you feel trading for PK and giving up Klefbolm Draisaitl 4th OA pick and taking on 9 million salary.
    I know Larsson is not PK but is a good defenseman at the start of the his upside in the NHL. Signed for 5 or 6 mores at 4.167 million. We should focus on the positives instead of the negatives of Hall leaving.
    I like Hall I’m not a hater of him but we all knew or should have known he would be the trade piece.
    Good luck to Taylor Hall and wish him the best.
    And welcome Adam Larsson to the Edmonton Oilers.

  • Wing-Nut Hunter

    Taylor Hall was a very good left winger and he will be missed. Life goes on. All the armchair GMs have been griping about not having a balanced roster for many (losing) seasons now. Many of these critics would like to have traded Yakupov or Eberle for Doughty or Subban because it worked in EA Sports “Be a GM” mode. No one was willing to give up what was necessary to get something decent in return.

    Yes, Taylor Hall was the first number one pick on the Oilers and, whether he liked it or not, he was branded as the savior of the franchise. He handled that part of his identity pretty well. He played with passion, he played with reckless abandon, he was exciting to watch, and he scored a lot of points. He did a great job committing to a poor team in a hockey-crazy market. That said, I’m tired of a 70-80 point player on a 29th place team.

    I appreciate that we had Taylor Hall on the Oilers for six seasons and I truly wish him well in New Jersey. They have their own issues over there, but I have a strong suspicion that Hall will enjoy living across the river from NYC. He’ll have a much easier travel schedule and a different officiating crew will likely be less blind to the legit penalties he failed to draw in the western conference.

    I hate living in the past because you can’t change it. Let’s welcome Adam Larsson with open arms and some reasonable expectations. And let’s thank Peter Chiarelli for having the balls to do what everyone in the Oilers’ organization has been unwilling to do. Not only did he bring in a bona fide, RH, NHL D-man, he did it while saving a few bucks for McDavid’s contract down the road.

    None of us will ever know about what happens in the room, but those who do make informed decisions based on tons of information. Maybe there’s some truth to it and it was given some weight, but maybe not. Check your emotions at the door and pull up your big boy pants, Gregor.

    Nice work Pete. Let’s keep going and build a better team — one that plays hockey in April, May and June!!