Halak to Oilers Rumor Raging

Got word just now from my source that the Oilers could be on the verge of acquiring Jaroslav Halak, Ryan Strome and a draft pick for Jordan Eberle. I’m still waiting for more information that is pretty much in line with what I’ve been thinking. But there’s still tons of time left and the market for Halak is heating up at a ridiculous pace. I was told earlier that the only way that Halak goes to Edmonton is if the Isles retain salary, so I can only assume that is what is going down.

I’m not the only one reporting this Halak news, Jimmy Murphy, a journalist out of Boston who covers the Bruins has been all over rumours this week and he sent out a couple of tweets re: Halak.

We seen what happened with Bishop as that trade was more about the Kings keeping him away from another Western Conference team (Calgary presumably). Does that put the onus on Peter Chiarelli and drive Halak’s price up?

IF this deal or any of the players mentioned above do make it to Edmonton, I have a few thoughts on them:

  • Halak is the perfect backup for Talbot, this playoff run and next.
  • If you don’t like Eberle’s game, you might not dig Ryan Strome’s. That said, Strome is the brother of Connor McDavid’s best friend and can be used at centre and RW.
  • The draft pick that could be tossed in might be used to pick up a scoring RWer. Think Vanek.

You may think that a deal like this would be massive underpayment but it could very well set the Oilers up for a much bigger deal down the line or give the team room to sign an important free agent.

The annual three-way trade rumour is also making its way around the Twittersphere. The only deets I’ve got on that is that Eberle and the Oilers 1st rounder would go out and Edmonton would end up with Barrie, Iginla, and Strome.

**Disclaimer** Lastly, during this crazy time of the year, we’re bound to hear a shit ton of rumors coming from every nook and cranny out there. I’m not connected to the Oilers, I hear what I hear from people who know people and I pass that on to you. Rarely, IF EVER, do the things I post here come true but the batting average of an insider has never been that good anyhow. It’s all speculation until the teams make things official folks! So I hope you can enjoy what you read here but don’t take it too seriously. I don’t. **Disclaimer**

So lots of names flying about right now! Stay tuned kids, she’s shaping up to be completely awesome or totally anti-climatic! #HereComesTheChiarelli!

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