Interview with Joseph Veleno

Day 3 is in the books for Joseph Veleno, and the newest QMJHL first overall pick displayed why he was granted exceptional status. Not only did he demonstrate elite level speed and agility, he also showed off his silky smooth hands and passing ability. It can be tough to gauge how good a player is by one practice,  but it was evident that Veleno is no ordinary forward. We spoke to him briefly,

DraftGeek: Can you tell us what the experience has been like thus far?

Veleno: It’s been great, obviously being here with Team Canada. It’s a great opportunity being surrounded by profesionals, also the best players of our age. It’s a learning experience and so far I’m having a great time.

DraftGeek: What are your expectations going into this season?

​Veleno: ​​Just going to work hard and do my best, and bring whatever makes the team win, be a team player, do whatever it takes.

DraftGeek: What’s the number one thing you’ve been working on this off-season?

Veleno: My physical strength, I’m trying to get stronger off the ice. Also on the ice being more mature, that also goes for off the ice. Just being a better person, getting stronger.

​DraftGeek: Have you got the chance to talk to any Sea Dogs while here? (Chabot, Green)

Veleno: No, I haven’t spoken to them but I have spoken to some of the guys, like Doug McFalls, Bokondji Imama, Jason Bell, and some other Sea Dogs players because I train in the off-season with them so I got a little feedback from that, it’s cool.

​DraftGeek: Is there a sense of computability going into Saint John, where they’re going to competing for a championship.

​Veleno: Yeah, I know they’re going to be competing for a championship, so that’s exciting. Being a part of that as a 15-year-old it’s going to be great, it’s going to be a great learning experience. Hopefully I’m going to get to build on that and learn from that.​

DraftGeek: Have any of your team mates that you have met here stood out to you?

​Veleno: I haven’t gotten a chance to see most of them but I’m sure there doing really well and they’re having a good time here, they’re also battling for a spot on this team. They’re competing so I’m sure they’re fine.

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