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How does this even happen?
How does this even happen?

I’ve been sitting here at the computer reading over the reports of some players in search of that bottom pairing right-handed shot for the Oilers. I know yesterday I posted an article speaking to the notion that the Oilers do NOT need to go out and mortgage their depth on forward just to get a no.5/6 dman who can contribute on the power play but the search intrigues me nonetheless.

This post will be a short one but these are my findings:

  • Christian Folin(6’3″ 200lbs+): RHD who has fallen out of favour in Minnesota. A rugged bigger bodied defender, Folin is too good for AHL but not quite skilled enough to contribute at the NHL level. Had a memorable scrap against with Luke Gazdic last season. I don’t think he’s an option at all.

  • Ryan Murphy (5’11” 185lb): A great player in junior and at the World Junior’s, this RHD can’t get any traction with the Carolina Hurricanes but he was paired up with Noah Hanfin this past season and even though he was partnered with a rookie, Murphy fared quite well (IMO) according to his fancies.I’ve always wondered about Murphy. I thought he was going to be the next Ryan Ellis but check out his 1st NHL goal and you tell me after watching that if you wouldn’t take a flyer on him.

    I think there’s a possibility the Oilers inquire about Ryan Murphy’s availability in 2016/17. Might he be the return for certain former 1st overall Russian who plays right-wing on the Oilers?

  • David Runblad (6’2″ 187lb): I’m curious if this is a player the Oilers would take a chance on at training camp this upcoming season. I mean, giving him a PTO at this point wouldn’t hurt and with the ever-growing Swedish contingent on the roster, he could find a home within a more comfortable environment.In my opinion, this is a player the Oilers should definitely be inviting to camp.

    Why this guy can’t seem to find a home is beyond me. After being drafted by the Blues in 2009, he was shipped to Ottawa for their 1st round pick in 2010 (Vladimir Tarasenko). Then he was part of the Kyle Turris trade. Then he signed in Chicago and put up respectable statistics.

    In 2014/15, he played 49 games for the Chicago Blackhawks and posted career numbers (3g 11a 14pts, +17). Now I know those aren’t eye-popping stats but they do show us there’s a player there. He was also sent out on offensive face-offs over 60% of the time that year. His possession numbers aren’t terrible for his career either (Corsi For % is 55.2%). – source

    In Switzerland this past season, if you pro-rate his numbers (2g 13a 11gp), he’d have lead his team in scoring and came in third in league scoring. Normally, one wouldn’t read too much into stats out of Europe but Runblad’s production or potential production in a very good league is something that stands out and something that teams would be paying attention to.

With all of that being said, this Oilers team should be focusing on cultivating a new attitude. It shouldn’t be looking to fill specific holes with specific skill sets by dealing out of its new-found depth. But if Peter Chiarelli could find a way to deal out of the Leftorium (as Lowetide likes to call it) and pick up a RHD, I’d be okay with that. I suppose it depends on how desperate Chiarelli is to get that piece.

Make no mistake about it, the trading of Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson and the signing of Milan Lucic will be pivot points for this team.

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