Justin Schultz generating buzz per Darren Dreger, Insider Trading


During this afternoon’s TSN Insider Trading, the panel created a list of seven players generating interest around the NHL. Interestingly enough, Justin Schultz was listed as the seventh player on the list.

Darren Dreger went on to say that Peter Chiarelli would consider a deal if the right fit is there. He also noted that Schultz isn’t being actively shopped or pursued.

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When he came into the NHL at the age of 22 after playing in the NCAA, he was talked as about a potential Norris trophy candidate by then GM Craig MacTavish. His time in Edmonton has been far from that, and he is a $3.9 million cap hit that he certainly isn’t worth.

At the end of the season, Justin Schultz is an RFA and due a qualifying offer equal to the $3.9 million he is being currently paid.

Lets look at some stats over his career in Edmonton:

GP Goals Assists Points per 60 minutes Corsi For % (CF) Even Strength Corsi For %
Justin Schultz 232 27 69 1.12 51 46

Since his arrival in 2012-2013, he has allowed 920 even strength high danger scoring chances in a player with 200+ minutes – 246 more than the 2nd most by player (Jeff Petry, 674.)

In that time frame, there were six other defencemen who had more ES HDSC Against than Schultz:

Even Strength High Danger Scoring Chances Against +/- Even Strength High Danger Scoring Chances For Even Strength High Danger Scoring Chances Against
Keith Yandle -151 870  1021
Brent Seabrook 33 1037  1004
Dan Giradri -32 963 995
Duncan Keith 113 1092 979
Drew Doughty 108 1068 960
Ryan McDonaugh 52 985 933
Justin Schultz -156 764 920

What really catches my eye here is the large discrepancies in HDSCF and HDSCA between Schultz and other defenceman on the list. All six are certainly defenceman that I would rather have on my team that Schultz.

What’s he worth?

Well, that’s the age old question. Any team that would trade for him would be on the hook for his $3.9 million, and the QO that comes with it.

The for and against arguments surrounding Justin Schultz are mighty. There is no denying the offensive ability he has, as his even strength scoring per 60 minutes (0.77) is above league average and his powerplay numbers have been good over his career as well.

If there is infact interest around the league, I couldn’t envision more than a mid-round draft pick coming back to Edmonton. However, I could see him being able to be a part of a package deal for someone else.

I would love to see Kevin Shattenkirk in the Oilers colours, so I wonder if something could be worked out around that. The Blues are reportedly chasing after Jonathan Drouin, so it is clear that they are looking for some offensive help. Shattenkirk was on TSN’s list as well.

Would the Islanders be interested in Schultz in a package deal for Hamonic? Just throwing it out there..

What would you do with Justin Schultz?

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