Kassian going to the Oilers?


The rumor is unsubstantiated and Twitter chatter at best but Kassian has been told not to report to the Montreal Canadiens’ AHL team and Ben Scrivens wasn’t dressed for Bakersfield this evening… This is reason enough to speculate for me.

The Habs apparently are falling apart without Carey Price and the Oilers could use a dirty prick like Kassian in the lineup. I guarantee you if Kassian is in the lineup the day McDavid breaks his collarbone, the game versus the Leafs where Phaneuf was nailing everyone, and any other game where the Oilers stars were being targeted physically that Kassian would have no problem getting retribution.

Yes, Zach Kassian has some off-ice issues but there are teams that are looking into him. He has a certain skill set that is appealing. He hits, he can skate, shoot, and he gives the team that has him a psychological advantage when he’s on the ice due to his unpredictability. He’s only signed for $1.75M for this season and then he’s a RFA.

If I’m the Oilers I take this deal because it gets Scrivens off the books and out of the way of Eetu Laurikainen. It sends some guys like Khaira and Lander back to the AHL and if gives the Oilers another NHL player. I’m not concerned with his off-ice problems and the NHL has deemed him rehabilitated. My only question is if Kassian is the next Ben Eager or can he regain his confidence and form to become a formidable player?

With the likes of Milan Lucic, Brandon Prust, Ryan Kesler, Micheal Ferland, etc. playing in the Pacific Division, Edmonton could really use a player in Kassian’s ilk in my opinion and his contract would make it very easy to manage.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Kevin

    Get Kassian and Tinordi too it would help big time!

  • Lee Dicken

    The Oilers are still a team that is seen as soft and so teams takes liberties with the Oilers. If he could curtail some of his actions , he would have value. I think the team needs to worry more about Eberle and RNH right now, you have 12 million going to waste right now. Eberle looks like he is ready to retire, part of this is on the management that has over looked certain flaws for years. The new management will not tolerate this , Eberle will not be playing on this team next season.