Klef Getting Bombed Out of Edmonton?

One more game left in California… The Oilers haven’t done enough to get the bounces to go their way the way they’ve gone for their opposition. Can you imagine how different the games would’ve gone had that goal not gone off of Sekera’s skate last night or if one of Nurse or Lucic would’ve hit the twine instead of the post vs. LA?

The mood would be a shit tonne better in the Oilogosphere that’s for sure.

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And with that I guess it’s time to start commenting on the trade rumors popping up. Here are a few from Twitter:

Let’s start with Oscar.

Klefbom has an outstanding contract and is aged perfectly for this team. He’s been playing with a bum shoulder since the playoffs last year and from what I’ve gathered, PC is listening to offers on him in hopes of picking up a LWer for Connor.

Is that guy Mike Hoffman?

Unless it is, I can’t subscribe to this notion. The Oilers have paid a lot in terms of money and time to bring Klef this far along and to give up on him after all he’s sacrificed for the team would be shameful. The Oilers need more good dmen, not less.

If we’re talking about moving a LHD, then let’s see if Sekera is willing to waive his NTC.


Patty is a player I’ve grown to love and it sounds like Edmonton is a city that Maroon has grown to love as well and negotiations have started with regards to him re-signing with the team.

Now, I don’t have too many issues with this BUT if the Oilers employ heavy wingers down the left side, won’t teams target that? And I want Maroon signed for under $3M per year and sans the NTC/NMC.

Otherwise we should thank him for his services and move on in finding a LW for McDavid.

Elk Point’s Native Son

Mark Letestu is as good as gone, so we shouldn’t be surprised if his performances get better closer to the deadline. I like Letestu and I think he’ll make a fine coach someday. He tells it how it is and doesn’t mess about.

The return I’ve heard could be as high as a 2nd rounder. Beauty if that’s the case!

I think that Jujhar Khaira will slide into his role seamlessly too but what about Ryan Strome? Could you handle Strome as the team’s 4C and PK specialist for $2-$2.5M per year for 2 more years?


I know for a fact that if there’s one thing that Peter Chiarelli and Todd McLellan agree on, it’s keeping Nuge. Now deploying him, Connor, and Leon… That’s another story.

But it’s really imperative that they Oilers stick with this 3-headed dragon down the middle and make the wings their only problem. A strong spine will eventually lead you to success.

The Draft

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