Kosmic’s Top Ten 2016 NHL Draft Prospects: #2 Auston Matthews


For those of you out there that got your Ben Harper on, and burned one down yesterday, I salute you! This post is going to have a very “green” feel to it.

Auston Matthews is going to be better than the best Northern Lights buds from B.C. He’s packing more punch than a triple chamber bong. He’ll produce more hits than Cheech and Chong combined. He’s going to tear up the “joint”…I think that you get the point lol! Maybe doing this article on 4/20 was a good idea. Because a lot of people are going to think that I am on drugs for placing this guy at #2 lolol! So before I get too lifted, it’s time for me to Puff Puff Pass along this article… Without further adieu…#2!

But before we get to #2 let me give you the opportunity to check out the rest of the top ten!

#10 – Alex Nylander
#9 – Pierre-Luc Dubois
#8 – Mikhail Sergachev
#7 – Matthew Tkachuk
#6 – Dante Fabbro
#5 – Jesse Puljujarvi
#4 – Olli Juolevi

#3 – Jakob Chychrun

Now onto #2…

A future Edmonton Oiler?
A future Edmonton Oiler?

Auston Matthews – C
ZSC Lions (Swiss NLA)
6’2″ 197lbs
36GP 24G 22A 46PTS 6PIM 16+/-

No he didn’t?…Yeah I did…
I listed Auston Matthews at #2. Yes, the same Mr. Matthews that tops most lists and went to play against men in the Swiss National League. Mr. Trailblazer himself, Arizona Auston. I’m more than well aware of his dynamic offensive prowess, and decent enough size to go with it. Yes, I realize that he has top end speed and skating ability, and can go from 0 to 60 in 1.7 seconds. And no, I’m not too high to know that he’s a generational talent with an incredibly massive hockey IQ. Who is also very mature for his young age.

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His hockey intellect has him constantly creating plays on the ice, and when he’s on, Matthews is consistently driving the play. There’s no doubt that he is a complete offensive talent, that has elite sniper abilities. But let’s not take away from his two-way game either. Auston also displays some very quick thinking in his own end of the rink, and he will use his body and skating ability to challenge any opponent. As a defender, he isn’t afraid to engage with anyone. Which has him coming out on the winning side more often than not. Which is a huge bonus with such a deadly accurate sniper. Matthews has some of the quickest hands out there, which he needs to keep up with his quick thinking. Auston is intelligently creative with the puck on his stick, and can make an average linemate look like a veteran All-Star. Which is an attribute linked to some of the greatest players ever. Auston Matthews most definitely has the potential to turn into a #1 franchise center, and just might do it in short notice. So put that ‘ish in your pipe and smoke it…

NHL Comparable(s): Steven Stamkos, Jack Eichel, Anze Kopitar, Jonathon Toews, and Mike Modano.

Why would this player be on the Oilers Draft List? It may be 420, and I may be blazed to all hell…but I’m not dumb! It’s Auston freakin’ Matthews people! I think the real question here is, why the @#&* isn’t he number one on my draft list??!!? Riiiiiight…well you’ll have to wait and see who #1 is before I answer that lol! But don’t you think that drafting Matthews would add to our already existing so-called “problem”, of having “too many” centers…..Whoa! I must be high! 😉

Think about it though, we’d have McWizard, The Nuge, Dr. Drai, and Auston Matthews? Sh*t yo, I’d be happy with the first three, and trading the pick for a package that includes a top flight RHD. But that’s just me, and I’ve been burning some medicinal all day…

BLH’s Comments: Generally having too much of a good thing is a problem you want to have. I’m on the fence in this case though. We’ve been watching Oilers brass try and let the young players guide this team to greatness and exactly the opposite has happened. I think it would be better for the NHL and the Oilers if they didn’t take Auston Matthews if they had the opportunity. Trade the pick, accumulate assets, and move on. 

*Kosmic wrote this up yesterday but the following message still applies I imagine – BLH*

As always, stay trippy my friends!! Next up is number one! Happy 420 everyone! As much fun as I had writing this article, and as bad as I would love to share my favorite snacks or strain of herb with you. Instead I’d like to try and share some weed awareness to anyone who is unaware of the healing benefits, or denotes them altogether. As an advocate, avid user, and someone who was born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT), I know that most of my friends and family know where I stand. However, to anyone who may suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, CMT disease, muscular sclerosis, glaucoma, dopamine deficiencies, insomnia, etc…and still refuse to try a more holistic “unorthadox” approach, and instead rely on a pharmaceutical one. I can not stress how important it is that you research the healing effects of this natural plant more. Have an awesome day BLH Universe!

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