Kosmic’s Top Ten 2016 NHL Draft Prospects: #4 Olli Juolevi

What’s going on, all you trippy, sexy people out in the BLH Universe? Here we are, almost through the 2nd week of April already. One thing we do know as of now, we officially didn’t finish last this year, and now possess the second best odds at taking the 1st overall pick. My dude Laine is getting a big push lately, and deservedly so! The kid is Magic Beans baby! Now that’s totally not taking anything away from Matthews, or any other kid on this list for that matter! Is it just me, or is this 1st Round Draft Class not starting to look better and better? Man oh man, soooo many excellent options.

So continuing the trend, let’s get down to biz…checking in next on the list is an elite defensive prospect. This choice was hard for me, as it basically boiled down to him, or another top notch defender. Don’t get me wrong, both of them look like sure fire, money in the bank, safe bets on the back-end. So here we are, checking in at #4 on the list:

If you haven’t read no.5 through no.10 on our list, check them out below! And please keep in mind that these are my projections based on the Oilers’ needs as an organization.

#10 – Alex Nylander
#9 – Pierre-Luc Dubois
#8 – Mikhail Sergachev
#7 – Matthew Tkachuk
#6 – Dante Fabbro
#5 – Jesse Puljujarvi

Will this Finnish rearguard be the first dman whose name is called at the draft this summer?
Will this Finnish rearguard be the first dman whose name is called at the draft this summer?

Olli Juolevi – D
London Knights (OHL)
6’2″ 185lbs
57GP 9G 33A 42PTS 16PIM 38+/-

I’ve said it before, I love me a London Knights prospect! The kids just seem to step into the big show more ready than others. I’ll be honest, I don’t expect anything less with Olli Juolevi. This kid is some top shelf shiznit ladies and gents! He’ll piss you off in your own end of the rink, and then piss you off some more in his. Juolevi is a premier two-way defender, who isn’t afraid to finish his checks with ferocity from time to time. Now I’m not saying that he’s overly physical, but he definitely knows how to us his size well. He possesses great skating ability that allows him to jump in on the rush, or back-check with ease. This allows him to constantly be a part of the play, and his elite vision has him consistently making smart plays. Speaking of consistency, Olli always gives 100% every shift and is constantly competing on the ice. His puck handling ability, and elite play-making skills help set him apart from almost every defender in his draft class. If you mix it all up, you have one helluva sweet defensive prospect with an excellent hockey sense. I would be INCREDIBLY happy if we land this future stud d-man.

“He’s a poised minute-muncher with very good size and strength for a young defenseman. He makes excellent plays in the defensive zone, using his stick and body to take pucks away and clear the zone. He does a very nice job of moving the puck, showing a sharp first pass and excellent vision. Understands the game extremely well and also has good mobility. Juolevi’s poise consistently stands out.” – futureconsiderations.ca (source)

“The Helsinki, Finland native adopts a cool and calm approach to all facets of his play; never panics and is always in astute positions to lead a charge up ice or make a staunch defensive play. Due to his calming style of play, he gives his forwards a considerable amount of confidence as they know he will address the defensive duties allowing them to push up more offensively” – David Burstyn, McKeen’s Hockey (source)

NHL Comparable(s): Olli Maatta (fellow Knights alumni) is said to be an exact clone.

Why would this player be on the Oilers Draft List? Seriously? Ummm maybe because we suck on defense? In all seriousness, we would be very lucky to land this player. Olli would help to fill up our glaring need on the back-end. He can move the puck well, and has excellent play-making ability. Something that we’re going to need a lot more of moving forward. Somebody has to get those pucks to all those skilled forwards that we have. They only issue that I have is, we’d most likely need to move a defender out. As Juolevi is yet another LHD. What are your thoughts?

BLH’s Comments: I think if the Oilers are in a position to draft Olli Juolevi, they should trade the pick. As good as Juolevi might be, he’d be surplus to requirements in Edmonton. Now if he was a potential 2nd round pick, that’s a different story but in the top ten there are simply better organizational options for the Oilers. I’m a tad concerned that he could get beat up in the Western Conference as well but let’s say the team did draft him, it would be an imperative that he’s sent to Bakersfield for two-three seasons or back to London for another year or two. 

Well thanks again folks, as always, it’s been my pleasure. Have an awesome day, and stay tuned for #3!

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  • GCW_69

    Given he is a left shooting defender, I find my enthusiasm reduced. Now, if nurse got moved out in a deal for Subban or Karlsson that would certainly alter my view.