Kosmic’s Top Ten 2016 NHL Draft Prospects: #7 Matthew Tkachuk

Heyyyyyyyy BLH Universe…I literally had to drag my ass out of bed this morning. How’s everyone else doing? 1 more day people…1 more day. We can do this….collectively! Ok, so just reminding people that this list isn’t necessarily a top 10 list of rankings, these are the prospects that I think the Oilers should be most interested in. The great thing about being fans, is that we can debate this shit until the cows come home. As always, I’m open to your views, ideas, comments, etc..and you can always link me on Twitter. So getting down to business, here is #7:

But before we do get to #7, check out #8-10 below!

10 – Alexander Nylander
9 – Pierre-Luc Dubois
8 – Mikhail Sergachev

Will Matthew Tkachuk be able to follow in his father's footsteps and be a dominant NHL power forward?
Will Matthew Tkachuk be able to follow in his father’s footsteps and be a dominant NHL power forward?

Matthew Tkachuk
London Knights
6’1” 194lbs
57GP 30G 77A 107PTS 80PIM 45+/-

What’s not too say about Matthew Tkachuk, the kid is awesome. Sure he plays on a stacked London Knights team, but they seem to be consistently stacked and a perennial playoff threat. But the one thing that I do like about Knights prospects, is that they seem too be the most NHL ready. London has amazing programs in place to help the junior’s get ready for the big show.

So we all know that Matthew’s father is none other than former NHL great Keith Tkachuk, but the NHL bloodlines don’t stop there. Tkachuk also has family ties to former player Tom Fitzgerald, and current NHL players Jimmy and Kevin Hayes. That’s a massive family, fucking man mountains they are!

So what’s to like about Tkachuk? Tons! He’s a dominant forward who can impact a game in many different ways. Matthew loves too play a high energy, nasty, agitator role and throw his body around and mix it up. Something the Oilers desperately need (but again, what don’t they need?). Tkachuk’s skating though, is unreal, and is one of his skills that separate him from his peers. He has excellent balance, and speed, which enables him to play at such a high energy level. His scoring touch is quite good as well, as he is able too score from many different areas of the ice. Tkachuk has all the necessary tools to succeed in the NHL, and would make a fine addition to any team.

NHL Comparable(s): His Daddy Keith Tkachuk, Jeff Carter, and Rick Nash

In this forceful, rigid yet graceful sport, there are few who possess a diverse resume of skills necessary to display a consistent level of dominance practically on a shift-to-shift basis. Terms like “the complete package” are often used to describe these rare birds, and as cliche as it sounds, it certainly is the best way to sum up players like Matt Tkachuk. – Steve Kournianos, thedraftanalyst.com (source)

A multi-dimensional energy winger that plays a pro-style, adaptive game. Well-versed as a guy who can consistently put up points, but also as an agitator who plays with a little bit of bite and nastiness. Skates with excellent balance and speed, outclassing many in his age range. No lack of offensive instincts and knows how to score in many different ways. Confidence in his abilities and playing to the extent of his capabilities strengthens his work ethic and creativity. All-in-all, a unique and effective forward who defines his own limits and seeks to exceed them, along with all on-ice expectations. – Curtis Joe, Elite Prospects (source)

Why would this player be on the Edmonton Oilers Draft List? Honestly, I’d much rather the Oilers take a defenceman, but I wouldn’t be upset if we landed Tkachuk. It was hard for me too choose between Dubois and Tkachuk, but I like Tkachuk’s overall game better. He doesn’t take as many stupid penalties as Dubois, and his skating is far more superior. All in all, I’d much rather an addition to our defence, but if I had to take a forward, Tkachuk would rank 4th on my radar in regards to forwards. Like I said, I definitely wouldn’t be upset if we land Matthew Tkachuk.

BLH’s Comments: There’s not much more I can add that Kosmic hasn’t already said. I have heard that he’s a very smart player out there on the ice and he’s got quite the mouth on him. For me, I think I’d go the opposite way as Mr.Burrito though, I’d rather have Dubois’ unpredictability and brute strength. 

Next up in the series is #6, any guesses as to who I’m leaning towards?
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