Kosmic’s Top Ten 2016 NHL Draft Prospects: #8 Mikhail Sergachev

What’s shaking BLH Universe? I’ve ate so much of my kids’ Easter candy, I’m about ready to tear the roof off of the mutha’sucka!! What? They still have candy left from last year! Don’t judge me! Daniel-San, Daniel-San! Focus! You have a blog to write! As we always do, let’s move along! Next up in my 2016 NHL Draft Prospects, is #8:

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Graceful, Powerful, Smart... Who will call this towering Russian's name at the draft?
Graceful, Powerful, Smart… Who will call this towering Russian’s name at the draft?

Mikhail Sergachev
Windsor Spitfires
6’3” 206lbs
67GP 17G 40A 57PTS 56PIM 15+/-

Mikhail Sergachev is a top end, two-way defenseman. He is an excellent skater, who uses his feet to his advantage. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen Sergachev on the ice without having his feet constantly in motion, which helps with his excellent range of mobility. I was shocked to learn that this kid won’t even turn 18 until closer to the end of June, as he is such a fierce competitor and doesn’t shy away from engaging anyone. Actually, his drive and fierce nature are what helps separate him from the pack. He is incredibly shifty when the puck is on his stick, and that combined with his high Hockey IQ, usually has him at the center of the play….driving it. It’s also worth noting that he made a quick, successful transition to the North American game.

He plays an aggressive and punishing style, mixed in with offensive flair and a strong enough sense to either join the rush or create one himself. The pace and complexity of the next level shouldn’t intimidate him, but his slot coverage is one area where he must improve to complete his development. – Steve Kournianos, thedraftanalyst.com (source)

A big minute-munching blue liner who has that nice combination of size and wheels that make NHL scouts take notice. He is a feisty, mobile defenseman that can beat you with his quick first step or a solid pass. Shows nice composure when pressed in his own zone and does not panic but instead skates with the puck or will just rim it out safely. Plays it physical stepping up for the big hit and likes to physically eliminate opponents from danger areas in the defensive zone. Has a strong point shot and the ability to run a power play. High NHL upside with this kid. – Future Considerations (source)

NHL Comparable(s): Sergei Zubov, Alexei Gusarov, and Sergei Gonchar

Why would this player be on the Edmonton Oilers Draft List? Honestly, why wouldn’t he be? Because they already have too many top notch defenders in our system already, right? Haha! In all seriousness, Sergachev would be a fantastic addition to the defense deprived Oilers organization. He can skate like the wind, he can make an excellent first pass, he’s elusive, smart, and isn’t afraid to engage and drive the play. Something the Oilers need desperately.

Well folks, that wraps up my #8 prospect report, hope that you enjoyed it. Stay trippy my friends, next up is #7…

BLH’s Comments – What don’t the Oilers need desperately? Lol. One major con and it’s a mystery to me as to why they can’t succeed for the Oilers, he’s Russian and as we’re seeing, for whatever reason, Russians don’t do well in Edmonton. They have great starts but fade hard. Semenov, Selivanov, Ulanov, Samsonov, Khabibulin, Yakupov, Nikitin (never really started did he?)… I don’t think it’s right but it’s hard to refute the observation nevertheless. 

I’ve also read he’s got a bit of that big man syndrome. You know, A big player who looks like he isn’t doing a whole lot on the ice but in fact he’s working his ass off. As a fan it is hard to get on board with those players unless they are impact game-changers. Draisaitl has been described as such in the past. Personally he wouldn’t be in my top ten but hey, that’s just me. 

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