McDavid Rips Classless Manning After Oilers Loss in Philly

Connor McDavid was not a happy camper after the Edmonton Oilers absolutely BLEW two 2-goal leads in a 6-5 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers but that a narrative will be playing second fiddle to the Manning/McDavid quotes that came after the game.

Edmonton journalist Jim Matheson asked McDavid the following question in the post-game scrum:

Words for Manning. You didn’t like the hit from last year or just early in the 1st period?

To which McDavid responded after a letting out a huge breath:

I did all I could defending him last year in the media, everyone wanted to make it a big deal saying he did it on purpose. He (manning) wanted to say some comments today about what went on last year. I thought it was one of the classless things I’ve ever seen on the ice. So he (manning) said some things and our guys responded accordingly. I guess we can put the whole “did he do it on purpose thing” to rest because what he said out there kinda confirmed that. Shows what kind of guy he (manning) is when he doesn’t step up and fight some of our guys.

mcdavid fuck you dec_08_2016_19_31_32
“Fuck you! You fucking little bitch!” – Connor McDavid to Brandon Manning

What do you think about McDavid’s comments? Personally, I love that he dropped the f-bomb like that and that he opened up this little can of worms in the post-game scrum. Manning is a little bitch and a classless hockey player for doing what he did to McDavid and then not answering the call when it was time to pay the fiddler. We’ll be talking about potty-mouth McDavid for the rest of the week now! lol. #FYYLB (hat tip to Ms.Jackie Dawson for that hash tag!)

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Click the pic and grab a 16-bit McDavid tee!
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