McDavid VS Eichel: I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

mcStupidI almost didn’t bother writing this blog, as @OilersAddict sort of beat me to it. You can read that blog here. But this subject has been grating on my nerves lately, so I went through with it anyways.

Two games into the regular season, and people are already declaring Connor McDavid a bust. The Edmonton Oilers are 0 and 2 without a single goal scored (except for the one the blues scored against themselves) and Oilers fans are panicking, and fans of other teams are chirping. Guess which other team is 0 and 2 (as of the current time I am writing this) and has an identical goals for and goals against? The Penguins. Guess which Penguins are also pointless after 2 games? Crosby and Malkin. Yet I don’t hear anyone implying that either of those two players are doomed to failure.

I understand that the whole league is jealous that they didn’t get to draft McDavid, and that they are angry at the Oilers for winning yet another draft lottery. I understand the desire to point and laugh, and chirp. At what point though, do these people pause to consider if they are making themselves look like morons?

Buffalo Sabres fans have to be the worst. Everyone knows they wanted McDavid, and were disappointed at the lottery results. We know this because there is video footage of their reaction all over the internet:

We also know this because their own GM said so. Tim Murray before the draft, speaking about Connor McDavid: “I watch him too much and I think too much about him. I wish I could help myself.” Tim Murray after the draft, speaking about the results: “I’m disappointed for our fans.” Tim Murray sounded like a lovesick teenage girl and yet after 2 games, Sabres fans are now claiming that Eichel was the target all along, and he is the better player. TWO GAMES.

People, you really make yourselves look silly by calling this debate settled 2 games into the regular season. At least wait until both players have logged 40 games before you make a prediction. Speaking of predictions, I’m going to make one right now: Eichel will score more goals, but McDavid will have more points. Eichel will win the Calder, because Oilers never win the Calder, and that is just the way it is.

butthurt I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one way to deal with this issue. Embrace the hate. Fans that are so misguided as to write McDavid off already are only good for 2 things: A laugh, and a good subject to write a blog about, where we can all ponder their lack of logic, and dare I say; stupidity.

To you, Oilers fans, I say this: The sky is not falling. The oilers are already showing improvement, despite the win/loss record. Speaking of which, Walter Foddis wrote a great blog where he digs through the advanced stats to see if the season series between the Oilers and the Preds and Blues would look any different compared to the last two games. It’s a great read, and you can check it out here.

The goals will come. More losses will come. More wins will come. I feel like Oilers fans expected the team to go 82-0-0 through the regular season simply because they played so well in the preseason. Relax. The team will be better. Will they make the playoffs? I have my doubts, but I am confident they won’t be in the basement of the league again this season.

To the trolls and fans of other teams: Laugh it up while you can. McDavid is a special player (as is Eichel), and he will prove it in due time. I am willing to wager that there isn’t a single team in the league that wouldn’t offer up significant assets for McDavid if the Oilers were to decide to trade him tomorrow. I’m also willing to wager that many of the same trolls who are labeling him a bust after 2 games would be salivating at the thought of McDavid playing for their teams.


Enjoy tonight’s game, and thanks for reading. You can follow me on twitter @Kjelliverson (or not). As always, feel free to comment below.

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