Milan Lucic Goes Beast Mode!

The Predators HAD to go and do it, didn’t they? They had to poke the bear… Well I’m glad they did because Milan Lucic is much more fun to watch when he’s in beast mode! Check out this clip I made up of his absolute domination from last night and let me know how you feel about it in the comments below! 

I, for one, hope that this is the Milan Lucic we see a bit more often in the future (starting tonight on those whiny Lames. There’s nothing like watching a game where a power forward takes over. I envy Philly fans for having been able to watch Eric Lindros or Maple Leafs fans for being able to witness the intensity that was Wendel Clark. The Oilers had Messier, true, but for me, I was a tad young to remember him in full berserker during those insane BOAs.

Speaking of the Battle of Alberta! We’ve got another one on our hands tonight, don’t we? I don’t think the goaltender has been named yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Talbot again. If that is the case, then you can be rest assured that the Oilers will be bringing in a more experienced backup, and soon, as the B2Bs will start to pile up here. I’ve heard Reto Berra’s name bandied about a bit lately.

Here’s what I don’t want to see McLellan do… Get out the blender when things are moving slow.

Leave the forward lines as they are, PLEASE!

Maroon-McDavid-Draisaitl: Have we seen a more dominant line recently?
Pouliot-Nuge-Ebs: This line is starting to get hot and Pouliot is bringing back that sexy!
Lucic-Caggiula-Slepyshev: Speed, Power, intensity! Perfect for a BOA!
Hendricks-Letestu-Kassian: Veteran experience with a dusting of pure insanity!

Enjoy the game tonight! The Oilers are undefeated vs. Calgary this season (I’m pretty sure), so let’s keep this going! Widening that massive points lead that Edmonton has on the Flames is of the utmost importance.

**Side Note: Can you believe that the Lightning and the Kings are where they are in the standings?**


Beer League Hero Written by:

I’m the Beer League Hero! I am from Camrose, Alberta but I make my home in Taipei City, Taiwan. I’ve been through the ups and downs and the highs and the Lowes, the Bonsignores and the McDavids, the Sathers and the Eakins but I’ll never leave my Oilers, no matter what!

They’re with me until the end and then some. GO OILERS GO!