Oilers 2016 Draft Scenarios and is Charlie McAvoy the Next Ryan Suter?

First off, the last few weeks since the Oilers season ending have been pretty hectic for me. I’ve recently completed by Journalism Diploma from SAIT and on May 5th I interviewed for a position in SAIT’s Radio program. The interview went well, and I’m hopeful to get in. On top of all that, I have recently gotten back to work at my summer job working at a Calgary Golf Course.

None the less, as life starts to settle down here for a bit I am looking forward to getting some more articles done in the near future.

Now, we turn our attention to the NHL Entry Draft, where the Oilers will be holding the fourth overall selection.

As it stands right now, I am in the company of trying to trade the pick for some defensive help. It’s tough to get an idea where the other teams in the top 15 stand, and whether or not the Oilers will be able to find a partner.

In an ideal scenario, I would like to see the Oilers move pick fourth overall for a solid top-4 NHL defenceman (see: Hamonic, Barrie, Shattenkirk.)

Islanders: Likely to hold a pick around 20th overall, probably too far away to get an impact defensive prospect. Hamonic is still the best option. They would love to have a Tkachuk/Dubois to play in their top six.

Avs: Hold pick 10. I could envision the Avs wanting to draft a defenceman, as it appears Barrie be on his way out. By trading up to four, the Avs could get their choice of Dmen, as well as acquire other assets by trading Barrie to Edmonton. I could also see them taking a Tkachuk or Dubois. Could Pouliot be dangled?

Blues: They’re still in the playoffs as of today, and they will be picking somewhere in the 20+ range. Shattenkirk is just the type of top four guy we are looking for, and moving the fourth overall pick would be a great option should the Oilers be able to resign him.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I think the Oilers should be looking long and hard at moving the pick. I really do. The Oilers have such a dire need to replenish the defensive ranks that if the team could make a deal for Barrie + No. 10 overall we would be able to fill some gaps. More than likely, the Oilers would need to add in to balance a deal out. Maybe a player like Benoit Pouliot would be of interest?

Picking at 10 would give the Oilers the option of more than likely being able to land one of Chychrun, Juolevi, Sergachev, McAvoy, Bean or Fabbro.

I recently sat down and ID’d Boston Univ. RSD Charlie McAvoy as someone who would be a great option for the Oilers.

He is a 6’1, 211 lb freshman who has been compared in the past to Ryan Suter.

BLH pointed out to me that during last year’s World Junior Hockey Championships, he was referred to by commentators as playing a very similar style of game to Suter. According to Christian Roatis’ NHL Equivalency Calculator, Suter’s NHLE was 17.5 pts, while McAvoy’s is 20.5.

This past season, the freshman went 3-22-25 in 37 games

Here is how Boston University’s head coach David Quinn described McAvoy this past season:

Charlie has been an elite player for a long time. We expect him to make an immediate impact and play in all situations. He’s got great skills and vision and he’s a big, strong kid that skates well. One of the top freshman defensemen in college hockey. Source.

And from NHL Central Scouting’s David Gregory:

He has a real pro game to him. He’s a player who, because of his late birthdate (Dec. 21. 1997), has played with players already drafted at a very high level for a long time, but has shown the kind of game that really translates well to the pro game.

It may take [McAvoy] longer to get up to the level of speed of the college game, but knowing what I know about his game, I don’t think it’ll be that long. He’s going to be playing at a level that will allow NHL teams to say, ‘I can see where he’ll fit into our system and where he projects as a pro player.’ He will become a legitimate NHL defenseman. Source.

The work he put in this season helped launch him up the NHL Central Scouting North American rankings, going from ninth in NA ranked skaters in the midterm rankings up to sixth by the time they released their final rankings.

Interestingly enough, I feel that him being a Boston Terrier is going to draw Peter Chiarelli to him. He has a longstanding connection with the University team, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Oilers figure out a way to pick him up.

Drop me a line, and let me know what you think.

As always, I can be reached at on Twitter, or by email: zjlaing@gmail.com.

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Zach Laing Written by:
  • Lee Dicken

    He was picked by Red Lion prospects as their sleeper player in the draft. They think he is the best available d man. If the Oilers moved down and still got this player it would be a good day at the draft table.

    • Beer League Hero

      Do you mean Red Line? I remember hearing the same thing about Oscar Klefbom the year he was drafted. I haven’t heard anything bad about McAvoy so far. Fabbro reminds me of Schultz and the rest are left-handed. So unless the Oilers are interested in moving Klefbom, Nurse, Reinhart, etc. Trading down and picking the McAvoy fella sure sounds like a safe plan to me. He was the youngest guy playing in the NCAA this year… Two more years of college hockey and then 30 games in the Bake… Should be right ready to go by then 🙂

  • Harvey Schmidt

    Oh, My, God! Please say this isn’t going to happen! Depending on what the deal would be, don’t again, pick up a college hockey defenseman. Have we learned nothing from Gilbert, Petry and Shultz. It takes them until age 30 on how to play defense, if at all, they ever figure it out. Stick with kids that have played North American hockey in the juniors and know what it takes. They play more hockey and are not spoon fed! I just don’t trust college defensemen and too much of a risk, forwards on the other hand are a safer bet.