Oilers Draft Next Jari Kurri: Puljujarvi Falls to No.4


In the day’s first surprise, the Columbus Blue Jackets went a little off the board and selected forward Pierre Luc Dubois. This left Oilers fans with mouths gaping wide open and then collective cheers could be heard across the entire city of Edmonton. Jesse Puljujarvi had fallen to the Oilers at no.4!

The Oilers are getting the best two-way forward apart from Auston Matthews. He’s been likened to Teemu Selanne with regards to his speed and shot but he’s also very smart on the ice and absolutely dominated players of his own age. That being said, he fared pretty well playing against men in the Finnish league.

2015-16 Team: Oulun Karpat (#9)
Date of Birth: May 7th, 1998
Place of Birth: Alvkarleby, Sweden
Ht: 6’4″ Wt: 203 lbs
Shoots: Right
Position: Right Wing

2015-2016 Kärpät Liiga 50 13 15 28 22 | Playoffs 10 4 5 9
Kärpät Champions HL 13 0 2 2 6 |        

Now considering that the Oilers have a complete lack of right-handed shooters, will they still move Jordan Eberle? Could this be Nail Yakupov’s dream come true? Theoretically, the Oilers could trade Eberle to shore up the D and Yak would finally get his spot in the top 6. I mean Chia could use this as an opportunity to pump and dump Yak because we know that Puljujarvi is playing in Edmonton next year.

I’d caution from trading Eberle though. Having two elite right-handed snipers is something a lot of teams don’t have and the Oilers powerplay could finally get going. But if the Oilers don’t deal a Nuge, Eberle, or Hall to upgrade their defence; they’re not going to make the playoffs.

Craig Button couldn’t help himself as soon as it was known that Puljujarvi would be an Edmonton Oiler and made the obvious correlation to the legendary Gretzky/Kurri duo. I reckon Puljujarvi might sound a bit closer to Esa Tikkanen when he talks but that makes no difference to me.

I’m stoked! As soon as the Blue Jackets named Dubois at no.3, the hairs stood up on my arms and I knew the Oilers would be getting that right-winger they’ve been craving. It’s all happening folks!

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I'm the Beer League Hero! I am from Camrose, Alberta but I make my home in Taipei City, Taiwan. I've been through the ups and downs and the highs and the Lowes, the Bonsignores and the McDavids, the Sathers and the Eakins but I'll never leave my Oilers, no matter what! They're with me until the end and then some. GO OILERS GO!

  • Joe

    Dreams come true.

  • Harvey Schmidt

    Cheers buddy! Love the luck, but again we miss the boat. Chychrun out there and we don’t move a few bodies or picks to pick this guy. Then we package up some upcoming LHD in the system and top forward for a RHD! Easy to pick a player, not so easy to move picks and players to better the team. Not impressed so far!

    • Kane Adamson

      Did you see the Arizona trade for Chychrun? That was 4 spots. I want no part of that. Klefbom is signed for 7 years, Sekera for 5, Davidson for 2. We have Nurse, Reinhart, Oesterle, Simpson, Jones, Paigin on the LHD prospect list. I have no issue with that as it is, and its still deep enough to trade Nurse/Reinhart (most value) out of it with a forward for a D. With all the Wild talk im personally hoping N.Hopkins+Reinhart for Dumba+Coyle. We downgrade Nuge to a 40 point 6’3 RHC which has Chiarelli written all over him at 3.2M and grab Dumba for the offensive D position. Sign Demers, call it a night. LOTS of time left before we need to decide if we are impressed

      • Daniel D

        Getting Puljujarvi was a dream come true, It instatly gives so such much room for trading 1 of the 6 mill contract players. I will be surprised if we don`t get a player like sprugeon or shatternkirk in a couple of weeks or before the season starts. We are gonna be so good, if we get a Right side-dman I believe we really could make the playoffs. PC will get a deal made, I really believe that will happen before the season starts. PC is in talks with the wild and also the blues for a top 2-3 d-man and it looks like eberle or Nugent is the asking price.

        • Kane Adamson

          I am among a minority in 1 aspect. Eberle isn’t overly available. Yet. The right side even with Pulujarvi, is a train wreck without him. I prefer moving Nuge and getting a C back unless we are confident we can land Erickson or Brouwer

          • Harvey Schmidt

            Disagree, Eberle is too one dimensional, if not adding offense, he is totally useless. Plays absolutely no defense, gets pinched on constantly at our blueline and has no answer, can’t get the puck out. They say defense can be taught, so I don’t know if he is a slow learner or just plain refuses to do it. If it is the later, get rid of him!

          • Beer League Hero

            Well that maybe so, but he plays the perfect breakout partner for McDavid, he’s a skilled and proven NHL goal scorer, and he’s right-handed. Those three things alone will probably keep him an Oiler.

          • Kane Adamson

            Well he is consistent year over year and frankly I think we over rate EVERYONE needing to be a 2-way player. He is our best goal scorer full stop. I want the guy who can snipe 30 goals beside McDavid. If not, we spend the next decade trying to find him one

          • Beer League Hero

            Yup, that’s a good point. My biggest gripe with Eberle isn’t his defensive game but how he takes his sweet as time getting a shot off. lol. Minor isn’t it?

          • Kane Adamson

            Same haha, man I hope he can work that out. With his shot he should score 40 a year beside 97

          • Beer League Hero

            Yup, I’m with ya there. IF they’re going to deal Nuge, there needs to be a centre (right handed preferably) and a right shooting dman included in the return as well.

        • Beer League Hero

          Great comment Daniel! I think you hit the nail on the head there. With dealing Nuge or Eberle comes certain pains though. I hope that PC can address said pains this summer if a deal goes through though.

  • Harvey Schmidt

    Still think with the expansion draft coming would not have been a bad idea to trade for that pick, pick Chychrun and you have someone you don’t have to protect. Mark my words, they will lose someone at that draft that they did not want to lose! After that was over, disappointed they did not package up a couple of the 3rd’s or something like that to grab another 2nd and maybe pick up a goalie in the 2nd round. No trades, not crazy about the picks, 1st and 2nd okay (Benson could be a steal), but mostly it seemed like a total lack of forward thinking, so far. Calgary and their management group, is so far stealing the show from the Oilers. I guess we’ll see what transpires in the next week or two. But come next December and the same group is out there on the ice, losing, and all I hear from management, media and fans is we need big, bold changes, a lot of comments are going to become hostile on these little chat sites! Cheers!

    • Beer League Hero

      You reckon? Who do you think they’re going to lose in the expansion draft that they don’t want to?

      Calgary is stealing the show until this year. Now they have to re-sign Gaudreau AND monahan if I’m not mistaken. That’s going to eat into their cap a bit and it might shake a good dman loose.

      Chiarelli has this season to make the changes necessary to make the Oilers a playoff contending team. If there’s progression, he’s safe. But if the Oilers somehow find a way to secure themselves another lottery pick…. Pray to the heavens that whyte ave is a fast burner because Oilers fans will take to the streets pitchforks in hand and ready to torch the place.

  • Harvey Schmidt

    Well, it’s been a few days to decompress and so far what can you say? Hall is elsewhere, but we should have a budding RHD. I like Larrson, Klefbom, Nurse, Sekera, Davidson, etc., but we could perhaps go for Wiesnewski. I believe he is a right hand, what do you think?

    • Beer League Hero

      Hey Harv!

      I’m concerned that Wisniewski isn’t getting any attention media wise… Ehrhoff news was daily when he was bought out… Some are saying that he might be done. The knee is facked… So we’ll have to keep an eye on that. That being said, Kris Russell hasn’t signed anywhere yet.

      My personal opinion is that the Oilers are going to go into next season with Oesterle or Davidson as their no.3 RHD. Then make adjustments if need be.