GOAL!… No Goal… My Take

No Goal Oilers Kings
Inconclusive? The NHL might want to take another look at it’s policies regarding the goal review process. Maybe taking the human element right out of the equation as is done in soccer and tennis would be a benefit to everyone.

Did Connor McDavid really score that goal last night? Was the Parallax Effect in full… Effect? Does it really matter? It didn’t to me.

Look, I’d say 90% of fans and pundits alike are all in agreement that this Oilers team will not make the playoffs, myself included. So why get your panties in a bunch regarding a botched call? At the time of the incident I completely understand being emotional about it and I knew as soon as the goal was called back that Twitter would be a war zone but honestly. Save your strength and emotions for a game that actually matters. Getting all worked up will not change the outcome and as I said on Twitter:

Now I’m not going to sit here are let you believe that I thought the reffing was good. It wasn’t. They missed some really blatant ones but this is becoming quite the theme this year and I have to wonder to myself if it’s always been like this and now it’s different because the team is starting to play well or if this is a new element to the challenge that is being an Oilers fan.

The Oilers shouldn’t have been in this situation to begin with. Korpikoski shouldn’t have taken that penalty but he did. And maybe the Oilers defence will take a look at this defensive tactic (pic below) and revisit it’s effectiveness for future reference.

Kings Oilers
Three in the Key? WTF is Fayne doing here?

Anyways, maybe the boys could do a better job in the 2nd period and next time they won’t be in this situation. On the bright side, we might be seeing Darnell Nurse sooner than later due to Justin Schultz’s questionable status after leaving last nights game. It’s either him or Nikitin…

Check out what Ryan Robinson has to say about the whole ordeal in his newest vlog!

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