Oilers and Kings close to a deal for Purcell and Schultz

This deal has fallen through, and Teddy Purcell has been traded to the Panthers for a 3rd round pick.


Teddy Purcell

This just in from David Pagnotta of TFP:

And this is from earlier today from John Hoven of Mayors Manor, a great blog about the LA Kings. This was RT’d by TSN’s Bob McKenzie:

A little Dreger for your eyes:

Hoven also tweeted about Nikolai Prokhorkin who he feels will be included in the trade. Prokhorkin is an interesting prospect, and is 2012 4th rounder of the Kings. Prokhorkin has played only eight games in North America. Hoven spoke about the Prokhorkin saga in this May 2015 article:

At the far opposite end of the spectrum – at least in terms of prospects we get asked about the most – it appears the book on Nikolai Prokhorkin has been closed. For those new to the story, this uber-talented forward first showed up on the radar when the Kings selected him in the fourth round of the 2012 NHL Draft. He began the following season in Manchester, but then all hell broke loose a few weeks later. In short, the KHL claimed he was under contract, via a deal he said he never signed. Legal threats went back and forth in a story well-documented here. Then, last summer, he bought his way out of his KHL contract and led the Kings to believe he was bound for North America, only to re-sign with CSKA Moscow. Enough is enough, we’ve been told, as the Kings don’t plan on perusing him any further.

Hockey’s Future:

Prokhorkin possesses great puck-handling skills, impressive creativity and on-ice vision and plays a big physical game. He needs to pack on more muscle, but Prokhorkin is not opposed to, nor does he shy away from contact and playing in tight spaces. Like some other talented young Russian players, the Kings face some uncertainty as to whether Prokhorkin will come to North America if he is not assured a spot with the NHL club.

Elliotte Friedman suggested that the tie up on this deal is that the Oilers are trying to figure out if he will commit to North America or not. EDM wants to see if he can be signed this week.

As always, stay tuned to BLH for all the breaking news around deadline time.

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