Oilers Looking at Dougie Hamilton?

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Could this be the guy we’ve all been waiting for? The top pairing right-handed shot? According to Joshua Marshall, the Oilers are in on the emerging Dougie Hamilton sweepstakes…

I know… I’ve got no idea who he is either but he’s chummy with some pro hockey players and was apparently responsible for the Petrovic/Yakupov rumour this summer. So maybe we should consider this rumour just that…

But then again, if we dig back a bit further… Bob Stauffer was tweeting out some stats on Hamilton the evening previous and we all know how Bobby loves his clever rumor drops…

I’m not sure what the Oilers would be willing to give up at this point, maybe Brandon Davidson. Maybe Darnell Nurse. But Calgary are in the hole a bit with regards to its salary cap, so it’s entirely possible that taking the team’s performances into consideration and said cap issues, Mr.Treliving might be looking to rid himself of a big ticket item. 

Then again, they’ve got some expensive guys coming off their books at the end of the year. So maybe Burkie is a bit tired of the Dougie and wants a shake-up… Who knows?!

I think for the Oilers, they’ve got 6 players on LTIR and have about $3.7 million in cap room, so they’d need to move someone with skrilla like Benoit Pouliot, Mark Fayne or Matt Hendricks.

I’m all for it. If the cavalry is on its way and we’re not happy with some players, move them along, perhaps with the Oilers 1st rounder in the upcoming draft and bring in the Dougie. Caggiula, Hendricks, and Davidson are all skating again and some room is going to have to be made. Could this possibly be a way for Chia to rid himself of Griffin Reinhart? Pilfering him down to play for his old man’s and older brother’s ex-team would be something.

What do you think? Should the Oilers pony up and pick up a Dougie Hamilton? Let me know in the comments below.

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Click the pic and grab a 16-bit McDavid tee!
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  • GCW_69

    Can we send Kris Russell back?

    • Beer League Hero

      We can. Not sure if we should though. lol.