Oilers Moving Mark Fayne?

Mark Fayne

The line combinations have been released for tonight’s game versus Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins and Mark Fayne is set to be scratched for the third game in a row. Now either he’s injured, he’s done something so egregious that he’s been sent to the 3rd tier of the dog house’s basement, or he’s set to be part of a trade.

Now if I were a betting man, I’d say he’s going to get moved soon. There’s no way a veteran coach like Todd McLellan sits a veteran NHL defenceman three games in a row this early in the year unless he’s injured or the team is already out of the playoffs and he needs to see what the prospects look like or he’s getting moved.

Now if you ask me where he’s likely to end up… I haven’t the foggiest of ideas. I could take a couple stabs at it though.

Philadelphia: We just watched the Oilers beat the living daylights out of the Flyers and if not for their goalie it would’ve been a massacre. They need D and they need it bad. Is Mark Fayne better than Luke Schenn? Marginally… Would you take a Luke Schenn back for Fayne? Would he be better suited for the more physical Western Conference?

Colorado: There are already rumors that the Oilers and Avalanche are talking about Nikita Niktin. Well what about Mark Fayne instead? I talked about this yesterday and mentioned John Mitchell.

Columbus: Here’s a team that is also struggling and with a forward corps that is so much better than what it is showing… If there were a way to get Zach Werenski or Kerby Rychel out of Columbus I think that’d be worth the venture. Coincidentally Rychel was just called up…

Tampa Bay: The Bolts are looking for someone to pick up the tab on Matt Carle’s deal. He’s a puck moving dman that got lucky after playing a season partnered with Chris Pronger and cashed in but if Tampa was willing to eat the difference in salary between Fayne and Carle… Why not? Or perhaps long rumored target of the Oilers Braydon Coburn?…

That’s just me spit balling off the top of my head. I imagine you could go through a few more teams like Calgary or St.Louis, Anaheim or Boston; and find some more targets that would be of service to the Oilers.

The reality is Mark Fayne is playing like a bag of burning dog poo and his value is about as tempting as said bag. The most likely scenario, he gets dealt for future’s or draft picks. So don’t be too pissed when he’s part of a Kris Draper special.

Take Care and Enjoy the game tonight! Should be a beaut! Our very own Corey Mitchell will be in the crowd so Beer League Heroes will be represented again!


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