Oilers Draft Goalie, Finn, and Another Dman To Complete 2016 Draft



Dylan Wells was the Oilers first pick in the 5th round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. Wells, a goalie for the OHL’s Peterborough Petes, was ranked tenth in North America by NHL Central Scouting and TSN’s Bob McKenzie had him at 55th.

I seen his numbers and the first thing I thought was Kevin Bouchard. Great, another wasted pick but his team wasn’t great this year and from all accounts he’ll be tasked with taking the reigns in Peterborough next season.

Date of birth: January 3rd, 1998
Place of birth: St. Catharines, ON
Ht: 6’2″  Wt: 183 lbs
Catches: Left

“One of the top goaltender prospects in the class, he has confidence, concentration and rebound control. Tracks puck very well and almost always makes the first save. Attacks rebounds with his soft pads and works his tail off in games and in practice. Has shown he can carry the heavy load game after game. Traffic in front doesn’t faze him, and plays the angles well.” – Bill Placzek, Draftsite.com

At #149, the Oilers took Graham McPhee. The son of former NHL GM and one of the “toughest SOBs in NHL History for his size” according to Bob Stauffer, George McPhee. Very high level of compete and given his bloodline, not a surprise. The Younger McPhee is slated to go to Boston College next season. A long-term project surely.

Graham McPhee

BIRTHYEAR: 1998-07-24
AGE: 17
NATION: USA / Canada
HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 172 lbs

“”Graham is a solid two-way player with a solid compete level,” NHL Central Scouting’s Greg Rajanen said. “He battles hard, sees and protects the puck well.”

Aapeli Rasanen

At pick #153, the Oilers went back to Finland to select right-handed centre Aapeli Rasanen. He joins countrymen Jesse Puljujarvi and Markus Niemelainen as 2016 draft picks of the Oilers. He was ranked #157 by ISS.

I dig this pick because Rasanen is all business and he’s a right-handed pivot, something the Oilers pipeline could use. He’s a self-proclaimed 200ft player but he’ll take some time. He might be headed over to the USHL, so keep an eye on this fella.

BIRTHYEAR 1998-06-01
AGE 18
WEIGHT 196 lbs

“All signs point towards this special teams dynamo becoming one of the better two-way players this draft produces. Not only does he do it all on the ice — playmaking, speed, escapability, tenacity, versatility — but he’s a student of the game who spends time honing his craft away from the rink. Rasanen clubbed the international circuit to a tune of almost a point per game, and he’s close to 200 pounds before turning 18 in June. He won’t disappoint teams in search of skill players, but the fact that he forechecks and backchecks better than most of his draft peers makes him even more desirable. In a draft thin on two-way types with a strong understanding of both sides of the red line, there’s a strong possibility Rasanen gets gobbled up earlier than anticipated. He’s strong at the dot and can be leaned on for tough checking assignments, yet he has a hunter’s mindset in that he is always looking to make opponents pay for the slightest mistake. Rasanen is a very good skater with a variety of moves to get inside the offensive zone, and he immediately identifies multiple pass options and greets them with a clean, crisp set-up. Rasanen has excellent work habits and should be groomed for positions of significant responsibility.” – Steve Kournianos, The Draft Analyst

With the last pick, number 183, the Oilers selected overage defenceman Vincent Desharnais out of Providence College. HA! The Oilers just couldn’t resist… Desharnais spent some time in the BCHL before committing to Providence. Large frame with few penalty minutes?… Hope he’s good at moving the puck or else this is a failed pick. I mean it’s the 7th round and all but if there’s a better player there, why not pick him?

BIRTHYEAR: 1996-05-29
AGE 20
WEIGHT 209 lbs

That’s it folks! Surely there’ll be a Oilers draft review coming shortly but I’m bushed and could use a break from the desk! How do you feel about the draft picks? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Kane Adamson

    Pulujuarvi – 10/10 (I’m still dancing)
    Benson – 8/10 (injury concerns)
    Niemalainen – 8/10 (great value, pick LHD)
    Cairns – 5/10 (better players available, LHD)
    Berglund – 9/10 (amazing value pick, RHD)
    Wells – 4/10 (OHL pundits love him, we shouldn’t be allowed to draft Goalies. Don’t see it)
    McPhee – 6/10 (good value, always use fiesty competetors. Offensive concerns)
    Rasanan – 8/10 (awesome value, 200ft RHC with skills)
    Desharnais – 3/10 (you said it best. They just can’t help themselves)

    • Beer League Hero

      Nicely put Kane! I more or less agree with you on each of your assessments. Maybe berglund is a tad high and McPhee as well. The good picks were great but the bad picks were horrible…

      • Kane Adamson

        Yeah, I can agree with that. I tried to be fair about who was available and how they fit too. Berglund was rated a lot higher by people much smarter than me, and is a 6″3 200+lb RHD. I was amazed he was available, thus the higher mark, I don’t think there was a better pick there for us to be honest. McPhee yeah I just don’t know much about him. Sounds like a Zucker type player, could be very useful if he turns into one of those cheap 10-10-20 bottom 6 winger guys with an edge so I tried to be optimistic. 5/10 sounds fine too though, he was hardly a value pick just a fair one. The Cairns pick is just baffling though