Oilers vs Kings Preview – How Low Can We Go

Logic Says Another Loss, but it says here . . .

It’s been some time since the Edmonton Oilers have pulled off a “W” against what has become a burgeoning playoff bound juggernaut, the Los Angeles Kings.  When did the Oiler’s last come out on top?  To be exact that was November 3, 2011 and since then the competition between the two clubs has been decidedly lopsided, with the Oiler’s going 1 – 14 – 3 since that last glimmer of success.  At this point in the season, is there in real reason to believe tonight’s game will be different (especially based on last game’s performance).  But if you’re in a mood for reaching (and I’ve drank enough kool-aid to start turning purple)

Heading into tonight’s game – Who’s hot

You could count the number of Oiler’s playing well on one hand, and here they are.  18 year-old phenom Connor McDavid continues to score at a better than point per game pace while Jordan Eberle is capably riding shotgun.  On the blue line Brandon Davidson is making a case for being the Oiler’s most consistent defenseman (consistently good that is ) .  He’ll be needed to stop the cycle against the puck possession monsters that are the LA Kings .


Beer League Heroes Sunday Night Pint #5

. . . Who’s Not

You could throw a dart at the Oiler’s roster and odds are you would hit a player performing at the bottom of their game.  The obvious one would be Schultz but by my observation, he’s already packed it in, so I’m not expecting much.  As for the rest of the team, Hall and Draisaitl have inched upwards, but they can do a lot better.  Look for big games from both.  In the net Talbot has come down a little bit to mortality over the last few games.  The team will need a superman effort if they are going to be successful so look for a moderate rebound from the Oiler netminder.

Jonathan Quick

What’s happening in LA?

Surprise, surprise, newly minted LA forward Anze Kopitar is on fire with five goals in his last five games, and he has averaged better than a point per pane against the Oilers.   Johnathan Quick also has his game intact and is well prepared for a game of frustrating the Oilers’ forwards.  Overall the Kings are on their game which means the Oiler’s forwards will be challenged to score two goals.

Tonight’s Prediction

It may defy rational logic, but I’m going to pick the Oiler’s to snap out of their losing streak against the Kings tonight and here’s why.

Response to the coach:  McLellan has clearly reached his boiling point as reflected in his frank and direct statements after the Ottawa game.  If there is going to be a player response, now is the time.  Look for all the top six to play at the top of their game as well as Sekera, Fayne,  Davidson, and Nurse.

LA Played last night: Playing a team on the second of a back to back is always a bonus and the Kings had a hard fought 2 – 1 win against Calgary last night.  Hopefully that has wore them down somewhat and its enough to give the Oil a chance.

The Odds are in our favour?: With the amount of games that have passed without a win, we are due for win.  It’s a reach, but its something.

Cam will be the man:  Mr. Talbot is due for a big game and this may just be the one.  He hasn’t played bad per se, but it he may steal one for us.

Where to catch the game:

You can catch the game at SN360 at 8:30 or listen to the game on 6:30 ched.








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