Oilers/Devils: Five Things We Learned After Game 15

Wow, it’s been 11 games since I did up a post-gamer. I guess that’ll happen to a guy when he hits the road for 3 weeks!

I think the Oilers are starting to get their game together. I remember last season getting ridiculously anxious when the other team would get a lead because I was used to the Oilers simply shutting things down at that point in previous years but instead what happened was the 2016/17 version of the club started to come back and win games and take leads which were held onto for wins.

I’d like to say it was pleasing that Edmonton didn’t allow another ex-Oiler to score on them this time and still won the game. Hall was flying out there though. He could’ve put the game away a couple of times but Cam Talbot shut the door. So beers are on him!

Five Things We Learned

  1. Milan Lucic didn’t need a fight to turn it on.

    Is Looch the only player in the league that’ll go five-hole on a goalie on a 2v1? His contribution to the secondary scoring is picking up and that’s a huge boost to the Oilers. I love that he had a great game that didn’t require kicking somebody’s ass. He needed that game because when I watched him in October he was playing like trash.

  2. Nugent-Hopkins is making a statement to Peter Chiarelli, “Trade Me and You’ll be Fired!”

    Nuge turning those Devils inside out in OT was a pleasure to watch, it’s like that puck is tied to a string when he handles it. His hands are so silky smooth and now that the biscuits are going into the basket, you have to wonder about his future…

    I’m pretty certain at this point that Pat Maroon can kiss his Oilers career bye bye. Perhaps Kris Russell and/or Andrej Sekera as well. The Oilers are going to need that cap room to keep RNH on this team. And if Chiarelli deals RNH for cap savings again… Woof! I’ll be tuning out of Twitter and the Oilers call-in shows. Edmonton might start itself on fire if that happens.

  3. Adam Larsson hates on-camera interviews.

    Was it me or was he just waiting to get the hell out of there. I mean Gene Principe is the man and he’s wonderful at his job but no amount of trying to make Larsson feel more comfortable helped those intermission interviews… The least the Oilers could’ve done was run some game footage overtop of the audio…

  4. Todd McLellan is getting tired of players getting injured.

    If you listened/watched the post-game press avail, I don’t remember if it was Spector or Matheson that asked McLellan about Slepyshev but I was listening and I could feel the frustration through my ear buds…

    I feel for guys like Caggiula and Slepyshev and I’m not confident they’ll be Oilers next season but let’s remember how Oscar Klefbom’s career started out… If either player, or both, can figure it out and keep their body in one piece, the Oilers secondary scoring is that much better. Not only that but both of these gents aren’t afraid to get their noses dirty and that right there is one point in the Coach Todd’s good book for them.

  5. Leon and Connor are the most electrifying 1-2 punch in the NHL.

    Hands down! And I don’t care what Stamkos and Kucherov are doing down in TB. All their games have been vs. Eastern Conference teams.  McDavid and Draisaitl are making a mockery of the 3v3 OT.

So there you have it kids! The Oilers are on a 2-game winning streak (two wins from .500) and are digging their way out of the basement of the NHL. They’re only, what, 4pts out of a wildcard spot and 5pts out of a playoff spot. The season is still young, lots of time to get back into the top three of the Pacific. 🙂

Things are on the up and up! Looking forward to watching Connor and the gang dismantle the Rangers and the Capitals next.

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