Petrovic Rumours Redux


Last night I reported that a source close to the Oilers had reported to me that the Oilers were closing in on a deal that included Yakupov and Alex Petrovic. It seemed to cause a bit of a wave in the Oilogosphere because we’ve had pundits from Lowetide to Oil on Whyte to Bob Stauffer, Dustin Neilson, and Jason Gregor commenting on it on their radio shows.

Even folks in other hockey markets chimed in.

I’ll be honest, when I seen that someone had posted in a facebook group that Petrovic and Stauffer had followed each other on Twitter, I thought to myself, “convenient…”.

But don’t give me credit, it all actually started with this tweet below about two hours before I posted my article.

The gentlemen who runs this Twitter account isn’t the fella who told me about the rumour but oddly enough he is followed by Alex Petrovic and his personal profile has a pic of him and Petrovic in the header pic… Maybe I’m just thinking too much though or maybe I’ve got too much time on my hands.

Before I went to bed but a couple of hours after I had posted (remember I’m in Taipei) I was contacted by my source to tell me the rumoured deal was dead and in fact, right after that, I was also contacted by a high-profile member of OEG and questioned on what I had posted. I was told there was nothing to it and that I was “reaching”.

I can’t argue with that now can I? I don’t work for the Oilers or the OEG. I only write what I’ve been told, for which I’ll say I’ve been told, or I’ll write what I think. I don’t post things and say they’re real for shits and giggles. There are people out there that are much better than I who are actual journalists that do this for a living.

So that’s that. What was once a rumoured deal killed within hours of being told. These things happen folks. Sometimes you hit on one and sometimes you don’t but my personal belief is that there were indeed talks and I really do think that whatever deal that Chiarelli is trying to make, he’s trying his damnedest to get a 2nd rounder back so he can send it to Boston as compensation. I reckon that the “rumoured” deal might’ve fallen apart because Florida wouldn’t part with their 2nd round pick.

It’s funny though Jason Gregor said on his show that he thought Florida would have no reason to make that deal.He was so adamant about it too. Almost as surefooted as one would be if you told them Taylor Hall would be the one to be traded before Nugent-Hopkins and Eberle… Weird. Why would the Panthers was a winger that has been spinning his wheels for the past four seasons in exchange for a defenseman that is just coming into his own?

WelI I can give you three, nay! FOUR reasons:

  • Aaron Ekblad – RD
  • Jason Demers – RD
  • Mark Pysyk – RD
  • Linus Holtstrom – RD

There’s no room for the kid to play! There was room before Demers and Hultstrom were signed and Pysyk was traded for though… How would that make you feel if you were Petrovic, after coming off a sweet playoff performance and your organization signs three players to play in your spot? But maybe the Panthers would like to have five right-handed dmen on their roster for the expansion draft?

Here’s another reason:

Why wouldn’t the Panthers consider putting Yak up with Jagr and let him work his magic once again?

Bob Stauffer has said countless times since the season ended that Yakupov’s work ethic in practise needs to improve. What better mentor to give Yakupov than the hardest working legend in the game today?

How about another:

Right wing depth for the Panther is sitting at Jagr, Smith, Sceviour, and Thornton. Are you sure Yak wouldn’t fit in there at some point?

Florida would have no reason… Bullsh*t to that. I just gave you five, six if you count the last one.

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  • Kepler62

    Loving that you counted listing the RD depth as 4 reasons – pure genius.