The BLH Oilers Weekly Round Up: October 4th-10th

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First week of the NHL season took place. The Edmonton Oilers played twice losing both games to St. Louis and Nashville, 3-1 and 2-0 respectively. Still, hockey is back and I could not be anymore happier.

Edmonton Oilers Three Stars of the Week

You know, it’s a bit tough looking for three stars because there was really only one player that stood out as a number one star in my eyes and the rest were a collective “meh”. Even more so, it’s hard to choose someone when you go scoreless in two games (I’m not counting the accidental bank in goal from St. Louis as one).

3. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

He technically was credited with the goal against St. Louis but like I said, it was a complete fluke. Still, Nuge has been solid this year. He’s easily one of our best, if not best, defensive forward. He rarely looks lost out there. I’ve also noticed he’s not afraid to shoot the puck. I think him and Hall are a good fit together.

2. Nail Yakupov 

Hey! Nail finally got a chance to play with McDavid last night! That’s a positive right? He’s looked solid on both ends of the ice. He is causing turnovers in the offensive zone and is more tenacious. He needs to shoot the puck more though: there were times where he would look for a pass rather than a shot. Plus, he fumbled it twice on the blue line in the game against Nashville. Still, with Eberle out, it’s about time that Yakupov gets a chance in the top six and it’s up to him to keep it that way.

1. Cam Talbot 

This one is a landslide first star. Talbot was very solid to outstanding in the two games so far. I cannot say that of the four goals he let in that it was on him. He’s keeping the team in the games which has been a far cry from past seasons where the goalies could not save a beachball from going in. The irony is now the Oilers cannot score. Who saw that one coming? Talbot is looking like a number one goalie that the Oilers have needed so badly these last couple of seasons, two games in be damned.

Edmonton Oilers News and Rumors 

At this point of the season, there are not a lot of rumblings.

There was a rumor that Nikitin would be going to Russia. Alas, per Elliot Friedman, that will not be the case.  He’s going to be staying in Bakersfield for the foreseeable future.

Everyone’s favorite mostly out of touch TSN segment the Reporters are questioning if the Edmonton Oilers and Connor McDavid are crumbling under pressure.  Before we take out the pitchforks, Farber does defend the notion as being silly. Which it totally is because it’s two games into the season.

Around the League 

Videos of the Week

We had our first 3v3 OT game it was absolute madness.


Henrik Lundqvist made the save of the year


Jack Eichel had his first NHL goal

As did Dylan Larkin

The Week Ahead

The Oilers take on Dallas on Tuesday, St. Louis on Thursday for our home opener and visit Calgary on Saturday for a Hockey Night in Canada game.

That’s your Weekly Roundup for this week!

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