Trades, Buy-Outs, and Signings

Dan Girardi

She’s going to be quick and easy today folks. I’ve got a house to get baby-fied before the new one comes. So let’s get ‘er done.

  • I’ve heard and now so have you that Mark Fayne is being considered as a possible buy-out for the Oilers but it is contingent upon negotiations with the New York Rangers.
    • The name that I was told was Dan Girardi… Yikes…
    • Take that for what it is but it got me thinking. If the Rangers are so chapped with their cap, would they consider trading 393 goal scorer Rick Nash?
    • Would Rick Nash be the kind of player that would benefit the Oilers on the RW alongside a Leon Draisaitl, Connor McDavid, or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins? He’s a big body, can play a heavy game, can skate, and he’ll actually shoot the puck. That’s a lot more than what Yakupov and Pouliot are doing.
    • His contract is only for two more years at $7.8M per.
    • One thing that is kind of shitty is Nash is a left-hander. The team does not need anymore left-handers. But it’s not like Nash is any leftie. He’s Olympic Gold Medal winning Rick Nash. Former Rocket Richard Trophy winning Rick Nash.
    • This is the Rick Nash that has never played an NHL game with one of, if not the, best centre in the NHL.
    • Yes, he had a right terrible season last year. But From what I recall, Hall and Nuge, Yak and even Draisaitl weren’t that great either.
    • I assume this will be shrugged off overwhelmingly but if the Oilers traded Nail Yakupov for Nash and the Rangers ate up to half of that contract. Would that not be beneficial to Edmonton?
  • Tyler Pitlick was re-signed today for another year for $725k
    • I’ve always liked the six foot two-hundred pound¬†Pitlick but dammit the guy is Mr.Glass.
    • He’s slowed down a bit recently but before he could fly and hit like a freight train.
    • IF he can make it into the season for Bakersfield and stay off the IR, I’d say there’s a good chance the Oilers call him up.
    • Matty Hendricks is getting up there in age and the way he plays, he’s going to need a night off from time to time. Having Pitlick around to step in is perfect.
    • A healthy Tyler Pitlick. Is this a player who could fit into Todd McLellan’s style of play? The hard and relentless forecheck.
    • Something that I’ve been harping on for a while is the need for teams to increase the number of right-handers on their teams. Pitlick is indeed a RHer.
  • There’s been a bit of banter on Yak to the Flyers recently for Travis Sanheim.
    • I don’t see it. The team doesn’t need another LH’d defenceman UNLESS they are looking to trade Reinhart, Nurse, or Klefbom in order to save themselves a spot on the expansion protection list.
  • I guess the Oilers turned down an offer from the Arizona Coyotes for the #4 pick in the draft.
    • Apparently the no.7 and no.20 were offered but in my opinion Arizona needs to offer a Mike Stone or Connor Murphy to that deal to make it enticing.
    • Or I suppose take one of Edmonton’s bad contracts back. *cough* Korpikoski
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