Trouba Be Breaking Hearts


I think I’m the first to write about this today, right? Jacob Trouba has asked for a trade and Oilers fans are on the warpath to offer everything the Winnipeg Jets don’t or wouldn’t want for him. I’m sorry folks but Jacob Trouba isn’t going to be an Edmonton Oiler for a multitude of reasons.


The ask from Winnipeg for Jacob Trouba is Darnell Nurse. Plain and simple. Straight across could very well get it done IF Chiarelli really wanted to do the deal. Cheveldayoff likes Nurse BUT so does Chiarelli (hence the giant mural in Roger’s Place).

I think the Oilers would be best off making this trade because it would “cost” the least, theoretically.

Nurse wouldn’t have to be protected in the upcoming expansion draft BUT the trade-off is leaving Reinhart and Davidson unprotected, which, to me; isn’t even a question.

Woodguy, G Money, and other brainiacs have made their findings very known as to who is the better defenseman at this point in time and are we not at that point where the Oilers need to be good right now?


Jacob Trouba is going to cost whatever team acquires him an arm and a leg and possibly an eye. Meaning, The price to acquire him will be what Cheveldayoff wants because he can sit on this deal until he’s happy with what is being offered AND the other price will be in salary.

Luke Fox of Sportsnet had a report back in 2015 talking about What the Jets were looking at with regards to re-signing Dustin Byfuglien, Andrew Ladd, and Jacob Trouba.

Trouba has requested upwards of $56 million over eight years.

So if Trouba is dealt, that max term goes down to 7 years. I imagine one could realistically look at him signing something between $6M and $7M at max term.

Now the boy is good, but does he deserve to get paid on par with Erik Karlsson and Drew Doughty and would that be smart on the Oilers part to add that kind of cap hit?

Last I heard, the Jets were asking for Klefbom AND Nurse but that was in the summer and the price has gone down. Still though, It’ll take an “A” grade prospect or a scoring forward with pedigree to get the talks started and moving along.


Other teams have more to offer than the Oilers.

Boston: Zboril, Debrusk, Senyshyn, Pastrnak, Krejci

The Bruins are a bit weak in these negotiations unless their willing to move winger David Pastrnak but David Krejci could be a wildcard here.

Arizona: Rieder, Stone, Perlini, Dvorak, Murphy, Chychrun, Keller

The Coyotes could offer a bit more in terms of an NHL player who could help right now…

New York: Nash, Kreider, Staal, Skej

IF the Jets want to add to their scoring, the Rangers might want to be their target. A Pricey add Nash or Kreider would be but if Jimmy Vesey is what he’s been pumped up to be, the Rangers are moving a LW.

Unless the Oilers are willing to offer Jordan Eberle for Trouba, I can’t see the Oilers being the team that Winnipeg says yes to. I wouldn’t be opposed to that trade but later in the season AFTER we know what Jesse Puljujarvi is bringing to the table and where we are with Nail Yakupov.

So don’t hold your breath kids. The Oilers will be going into teh 2016/17 season sans Jacob Trouba UNLESS either Eberle or Nurse are sent to Winnipeg…

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Kane Adamson

    One thing to consider in the Davidson talk, is one reason why he wouldnt be a part of this trade is track record and an unknown name. Now, losing him in the expansion draft would suck, yeah, but keeping him for this year and having Klefbom-Larsson / Sekera-Trouba / Davidson-Fayne/Gryba as the D, would help push us so much forward as a team. It builds confidence and changes culture. Say we do lose Davidson next year, Reinhart is ready now, its a bonus issue for him not playing. RFA with a lacklustre ELC? Wouldnt be expensive. We still have Jones and Paigin in the wings for 2-3 years down the line too. The risks of Davidson is worth having a top 4 of Klefbom, Larsson, Sekera and Trouba for the next 5+ years. Center may be our strongest position, but LHD is our deepest, and it has some very talented prospects there as well

  • Joe

    Can Chiarelli acquire Trouba without getting fleeced?
    Nill, Snow, Shero, now Cheveldayoff?
    Past performance is the best indicator of future performance.